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Re-Tail serves as a recycling center and flea market, filling the roles of what Tom Nook's stores used to do in previous installments. The building is split into two sections, with multiple functions for each.


Reese is the pink alpaca who runs the flea market and manages most of the shop. She will offer to buy things from you at 1/4th of their original price, higher than what the Nooklings will offer. Every day, she will pay double the price for an item which is displayed on the sign outside the building. She will also help you put up items on the flea market, where you can sell used items for a higher price than what Reese will normally offer. Lastly, she will tell you the daily price of turnips, a useful detail if you're investing in the stalk market.

Flea Market[edit]

The flea market is where players can offer items for sale. There are 8 spaces for players to put their items on. Anyone can put up and purchase these items, including other players, fellow villagers and even players from other villages. For computer-controlled villagers, they will sometimes notice an item you or someone else put up and proceed to check it out. You can talk to these villagers to convince them to buy the item. AI villagers will regularly put up items on the flea market, including rare furniture that can't be found anywhere else! This include the cardboard set and the Sloppy series of furniture.


Cyrus is the blue alpaca at the right side of the shop. He will be asleep when you first move in and will not wake up until it has been 7 days since you started the game, you've sold 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese and have obtained 100 unique furniture and 50 unique clothing in your catalog. Once you unlock his services, he can refurbish and customize certain pieces of furniture for a small fee. You can choose to use a predetermined design for that item, use a design from a piece of clothing or have him use your own custom design.

Exclusive items[edit]

Other than customizing your items, Cyrus can also create a few items that cannot be obtained through any other means. He can create music boxes that play a specific K.K. Slider song if you give him the song in question, a certain shell and 3,000 bells. He can also make miniature fossil models if you give him all the parts of a large fossil and 10% of what the combined selling price of all parts of the fossils used. Finally, he can create a random piece of furniture in the Golden series if you give him three gold nuggets (occasionally found by hitting the daily fake rock in your village) and 10,000 bells.