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Fossils are buried in the ground. If you see a brown star-looking thing, get your shovel and stand right in front of it. Press A button, and you'll either get a gyroid or a fossil. If you get a fossil, take it to the museum and have Blathers identify it. If Blathers asks for the fossil, it is a good idea to give it to him. If you give it to him, he'll put it on display. If you don't want to give it to him, you can sell it to Tom Nook for at least 1,000 bells! There are 52 kinds of fossils in the game. After filling up the Museum, you can just sell the fossils to make money.

If you dig up a gyroid, you can put it in your house or sell it to Tom Nook for several hundred bells or more. They come in different sizes — most sizes have a mega, mini, tall, normal, wee, and slim variety. You can dig up 127 gyroids. After selling them, you can't buy them back from the catalog, so be sure you want to sell before you get rid of them.

Fossil Prices[edit]

Name Image Price (Bells)
Ammonite 1,100
Ankylo torso 3,000
Ankylo skull 3,500
Ankylo tail 2,500
Apato skull 5,000
Apato torso 4,500
Apato tail 4,000
Archaeopteryx 1,300
Dimetrodon skull 5,500
Dimetrodon tail 4,500
Dimetrodon torso 5,000
Dino Droppings 1,100
Dinosaur track 1,000
Fern fossil 1,000
Iguanadon skull 4,000
Iguanadon torso 3,500
Mammoth skull 3,000
Mammoth torso 2,500
Pachy skull 4,000
Pachy tail 3,000
Pachy torso 3,500
Parasaur skull 3,500
Peking Man 1,100
Plesio torso 4,500
Plesio neck 4,500
Ptera body 4,000
Ptera left wing 4,500
Ptera right wing 4,500
Ptera skull 4,000
Sabertooth skull 2,500
Sabertooth torso 2,000
Seismo chest 4,500
Seismo skull 5,000
Seismo tail 4,500
Shark tooth 1,000
Stego skull 5,000
Stego torso 4,500
Tricera skull 5,500
Tricera tail 4,500
Tricera torso 5,000
T-rex skull 6,000
T-rex tail 5,000