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Furniture Sets[edit]

Does your house need an extreme makeover? These furniture sets can liven up even the homeliest of huts. If you collect all the pieces in the series, you'll earn 48,000 HRA points.

Item Price Size Feng Shui Available
Exotic Bed 2,540 Bells Big N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Exotic Lamp 1,800 Bells Small Tom Nook's Shop
Exotic Bench 1,900 Bells Medium N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Exotic Bureau 2,400 Bells Small N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Robo-Bed 2,000 Bells Medium N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Robo-Dresser 2,560 Bells Medium N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Robo-stereo 2,200 Bells Small N/A Tom Nook's Shop
Robo-TV 2,360 Bells Medium N/A Tom Nook's Shop

Snowman Items[edit]

Want snowman items? You will have to make a perfect snowman, then the snowman will send you a letter with one of the items in the rare snowman set. To do this, it has to have been snowing. Then hunt out snowballs lying on the ground. Roll one as big as it will go, and roll another slightly smaller. Roll the smaller one to the larger one and when they touch, the one you were pushing along will go ontop and be the head.

Mush Items[edit]

During the Acorn Fest, if you manage to collect enough acorns for Cornimer (that are NOT rotten; any others are fine), he will reward you with an item in the mush collection.

Furniture item # of Acorns
Mush Stool 5
Mush End Table 10
Mush lamp 25
Mush Chair 40
Mush Dresser 60
Mush Closet 80
Mush Stand 100
Mush Table 120
Mush TV 140
Mush Bed 170
Forest Wall 200
Forest Floor 230