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After using WFC with a friend, you may discover that you have a yellow cat wandering around your town. The cat might be Kaitlin, a mother cat that is looking for her child, or it could be Katie, a lost little kitten that can't find her mum.

Speak to whichever cat is in your town and they will tell you the last place they were before they got separated. Depending which cat is in your town you will have to do different things. If you have the mother she will mention the town and the name of the player.

You will have to contact this player so they can check for the kitten in their town. The player with the kitten will have to visit the town with the mother.

If you have the kitten in your town you must lead her to your town gate and then to the town where her mother is waiting. In order to do this talk to her. She will start to follow you after this. Walk very slowly, Katie is a lot smaller than you and if you walk too fast she will trip and start to cry. You will have to speak to her again to get her to follow you once more.

Once you open your gate to visit the town with the mother a cut scene will be triggered. This is where you and your friend can watch the cats being united. Once the cut scene ends it is advisable to have the host save.

The player that leads the kitten to her mother will receive a letter in the mail with a thank you gift from Katie. These items have special HRA bonuses and you can only get them from Katie.


Here is a list of the items you can receive from Katie:

  • Apple TV
  • Lily-Pad Table
  • Lovely Phone
  • Music Box
  • K & K's Pic
  • Papa Bear
  • Papa Panda
  • Portrait