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After starting a New Game you will find yourself in the back seat of a taxi on a very rainy day. The driver of this taxi is Kapp’n and he will ask you a number of questions. These questions will determine how your character looks and where your house will be located in your new town.

The first question he asks is about the date and time. The time and date that is already set on your DS machine will be the default. However you can change the time with Kapp’n if you wish. The date will determine what weather you will have in town, for example if you say it is January there will be snow on the ground. The time will determine what time of day you will arrive, either morning, afternoon, evening or night.

The next thing Kapp’n says to you is: "Jumpin' jellyfishes…I've had about enough of this here rain!" This question is one of three questions that will create what your character will looks like. A face chart is available below; you may want to reference it before continuing.

Face Chart

Kapp’n will ask for your name and you will be prompted to enter it. This will be the permanent name for your character so be sure you are happy with it before continuing. Kapp’n will give you one chance to correct any mistakes. He will say your name as you typed it in and ask how you like it. You will have the option ‘That’s not it’ and you will be able to fix any mistakes. If you tell him the name is cute, he will assume you are a girl, and if you tell him that it is burly then he will assume you are a boy. If you select the wrong option you will have the opportunity to select "I'm not a boy/girl!" to change the gender of your character.

Next Kapp’n will ask where you are going. This is where you name your town. Again this name will be permanent so be sure it is something you like. Kapp’n will confirm this name with you in case you make any mistakes.

The next two questions will determine what your character looks like. Please refer to the face chart for reference.

The last question will determine where you house will be located in the town. Kapp’n will ask why you decided to move to this town. This is fairly straightforward. If you select the beach your house will be close to the beach. If you select shopping then your house will be close to Tom Nook and the Able sister’s shops. If you select museum then your house will be next to the museum.

Arriving in town[edit]

Kapp’n will take to you the Town Hall in your new town and tell you to go inside. Once inside you speak with Pelly who mentions Tom Nook, the local shopkeeper that kindly arranged a house for you. Pelly will open your town map and show you the location of your house.

When you enter your new house you will notice it is pretty empty. You should have a cardboard box, a candle and a radio. If you go upstairs you will find the ‘save room’. There is a bed in the room, this is where you will start each time you enter the game. There is also a telephone in the room. This is to access the in-game options.

When you leave the house for the first time Tom Nook will come running up to you and informs you of the 19,800 Bell debt you now have for the house! In order to make a little money Tom Nook asks you to help him out with a few errands. Using your town map you can locate Tom Nook’s shop and go find him.

Working for Nook[edit]

Tom Nook will give you a uniform to wear and will give you a number of tasks to complete. This is also like a tutorial. It involves planting flowers & trees, delivering items to residents in your town, writing on the town notice board and sending mail to other residents. Once you complete all the tasks required by Tom Nook he will tell you that he has no more jobs for you and that your earnings have been deducted from the loan.