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The whole thing kicks off with what looks like a rock concert. It looks like we are seeing one of Klavier's gigs. He calls for an intermission.

Case Information[edit]

AJAA Case03crime.png
  • Time of Crime: July 7th
  • Location: Sunshine Coliseum, Lamiroir's Dressing Room
  • Defendant: Machi Tobaye
  • Victim: Romein LeTouse
  • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the left shoulder.
  • Murder Weapon: .45 caliber handgun.
  • Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Klavier Gavin


Defense Attorney[edit]

AJ apollo.png

Apollo Justice Apollo was reluctant to go to a concert (let alone Klavier's). He actually saw the victim die right in front of him. Can he manage to defend a person who can't even speak his own language?


PW machi.png

Machi Tobaye A blind and timid piano player, who actually plays it very well. He doesn't speak English, so how can you defend him?


PW romein.png

Romein LeTouse A man who is honest and rarely shows pain. Romein was the bodyguard of Lamiroir. You actually hear his last words before dying.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

AJ klavier.png

Klavier Gavin His rock & roll side of his life is depicted in this episode, and of course, things didn't go well like they should have.


PW lamiroir.png

Lamiroir Known as "Siren of the Ballad". Lamiroir is modest when it comes to her moving talent. She was a guest singer at the Gavinners concert when the murder occurred.

Other Characters[edit]

AJ trucy.png

Trucy Wright Your assistant and a magician. Trucy loves to play tricks and can sometimes outright pester Apollo.

PW adultema.png

Detective Ema Skye A detective who uses scientific tools to investigate. She actually wanted to be a scientific investigator, but was pushed into the precinct instead. Ema can't really stand Klavier, and is, of course, reluctant to come to the concert from the beginning.

PW daryan.png

Daryan Crescend A guitarist of the Gavinners. He can be either be serious or be a jerk depending on which situation he is in.

PW valant2.png

Valant Gramarye A brilliant magician, who happens to be Trucy's uncle! What is he doing here?

PW hobophoenix.png

Phoenix Wright A man who can't play piano, but can play poker. He seems to be on a personal top secret mission.


PW talentagency.png

Wright Anything Agency This is where you work at.

PW detentioncenter.png

Detention Center This is where your clients (in this case Machi) are being held.

PW coliseum.png

Sunshine Coliseum A fabulous coliseum, where Klavier's concert is held at.

PW hallway.png

Backstage Hallway This is the backstage hallway, as the name suggests.

PW dressingroom.png

Lamiroir's Dressing Room The crime scene, here you see everything that occurred.

PW klavierroom.png

Klavier's Dresing Room The title pretty much describes the room.

PW stage.png

Coliseum Stage The Gavinners performed here.

PW klavieroffice.png

Klavier's Office Klavier's prosecutor's office. This is where he works. Just look all of the fan stuff here.

PW clinic.png

Hickfield Clinic This is where patients are held. Very familiar to Ace Attorney fans.