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Phoenix now says you are ready to proceed with today's court. Now only you decide if Vera is guilty or not. Hit Preparations Complete and you'll begin the last part of the game.

You begin trial immediately... without Vera. Klavier says that Vera could die at any time. If she dies, then the trial would have to be canceled! You can't let that happen! It looks like you have to find the verdict as long as possible. Phoenix told you everything about the secrets about everything he collected in seven years.

Klavier says that Vera could be poisoned because she couldn't live with the "guilt" that overwhelmed her of the "crime" she committed. Just by that, Klavier wants to end trial immediately. You object, insisting that Vera isn't the killer. Klavier then asks how Vera was poisoned and who poisoned her. When given the choice, choose Show "how". Present the Nail Polish. When Vera was in a tense state, she has the habit of biting her nails! Some probably knew of that and put poison on the polish! When asked who, Present Kristoph Gavin's Profile. He has a nail polish just like the one Vera has. When did he put in the poison? It could have been yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, or even seven years ago!

Alternatively, select Show "who" and Present Kristoph Gavin's Profile. You will then be asked how he could have poisoned her from jail. Present the Nail Polish.

Klavier doesn't seem too happy about you accusing his own brother, but he decides to take your request and calls up his brother, from jail to the stand.

There he is, the man himself. He seems well informed about the case. Right now, you are accusing him of murdering a different person. Kristoph asks his brother if he agrees with the accusation. Klavier responds with silence. Kristoph will now testify about the matter of poisoning Vera. This is it, the final battle!!!

Kristoph's Testimony: Poisoning Vera[edit]

Kristoph's Testimony
- Poisoning Vera -
  1. Owning the same nail polish does not a murderer make.
  2. I have been in solitary confinement for half a year. How could I poison her?
  3. Her father died of the same poison... the meaning of which should be clear.
  4. The prosecution's case holds. She poisoned her father, then attempted to poison herself.
  5. Surely, you aren't going to suggest I was responsible for poisoning her father, too?

Poisoning Vera: Cross-Examination[edit]

Use the bracelet on Kristoph's 5th statement:

  • Surely, you aren't going to suggest I was responsible for poisoning her father, too?

Perceive the scar on Kristoph's right hand (the one holding up the glasses). Kristoph seems pretty tense when he mentioned Vera's father and the little devil in his hand tells you the news. Kristoph shrugs off your claim by asking if all tense witnesses are guilty. He even reminds you he had an alibi when Drew was murdered, but you know he still managed to use the poison to kill Drew. When asked how, Present the Commemorative Stamp. The stamp had poison on the back of the stamp and it was found in Kristoph's cell! If that is so, then Kristoph probably murdered Drew by making him send a letter!

Kristoph's shocking demise[edit]

Kristoph tells you to recall Brushel's testimony. He said that when he entered the room, Drew was looking for something. It could be that he was looking for a stamp for the letter, and Drew had to use the commemorative stamp, because he couldn't find one! What if Drew didn't intend to use the stamp, if he did, it wouldn't have been just a coincidence. It looks like you must be "bluffing", but Klavier objects, saying to his brother that HE is the bluffer, since "when" the poisoned stamp was used, coincidence or not, was beyond the point. Kristoph will now ask you one more thing, motive. What reason did he have to kill the Mishams? The attorney may not have any reason to kill the artists, unless he was in a battle he was afraid he might lose. Present either the Red Envelope, or the Notebook Page.

Remember the forged evidence Phoenix presented seven years ago? Well the client who requested the forgery sent a letter to Drew and told him to send a letter with the enclosed stamp in it. The "enclosed stamp" was none other than the one with poison on it! Someone might have used the stamp to keep the forger quiet! Klavier objects, saying that if Phoenix presented the forged evidence and wrote the letter, then he could have been the killer! You counter his objection, saying that Phoenix took the case the day before the fateful trial, so he didn't have time to forge anything.

You then make a theory that Zak may have gotten an attorney before Phoenix. What if Kristoph is that former attorney? Klavier objects, asking for proof that Kristoph requested the evidence. He looks like he is in pain, it looks like you need to draw the darkness out of him. The Judge then asks you to prove Kristoph's connection to Drew. If you can't, you will suffer a HUGE penalty. Present the Letter from Misham.

AJAA Video Camera.png

Kristoph immediately objects, saying that there is something wrong. The letter is written in Phoenix's handwriting! You inform Kristoph that Phoenix brought a video camera with him to the conversation, when Phoenix found the letter and almost got away with it. Letter from Misham will be updated as Letter from Mr. Wright.

There is nothing else you can do from here, watch as you and Klavier come on to Kristoph, tie up all of the loose ends, and Kristoph going berserk after being informed of the "Jurist System".

After the trial ends, Phoenix then gives Jurist No. 6 a choice of who if Vera is guilty or not. Now, it will be the same as Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Justice for All. There will be a good ending or a bad ending. Choose what you like, if you choose Guilty, then the verdict will never be reached. Vera will die in her hospital bed, because her condition worsened. If you simply want happy stuff, then choose Not Guilty. Note the reflection on the screen surface and the arm that reaches out for the button... It's Lamiroir. When she presses the “Confirm” button, her sleeve slides down, revealing a bracelet that looks the same as Apollo's.

What REALLY Happened[edit]

It all began seven years ago, celebrity magician Magnifi Gramarye's death at the General hospital. He had liver cancer and was soon to die. Magnifi had to choose one of his two students, Zak Gramarye and Valant Gramarye, to have all rights to his magic. To do so, he decided to test them. He would have them try to "shoot (him) in the head". He sent letters to Zak and Valant to come to the hospital at 11:05 and 11:20, respectively. He chose the time because it was a great time (he would be alone with the IV treatment). Once Valant had the letter, he come up with a plan. He would kill Magnifi himself and frame Zak for the crime.

Once Zak arrived in time, he sees Magnifi asleep. He took this opportunity to pick up one of the two prop guns (the other one was for Valant) and pointed the gun at his mentor. However, in the end, he couldn't shoot him. He instead shot the forehead of a clown (sitting right next to him). The sound of the discharge woke Magnifi. After seeing what Zak did, he tells Zak that he passed the test and all of his rights now belong to him. Zak leaves with his pistol in his pocket.

Magnifi started resting again and at 11:20, Valant arrives. He planned to kill Magnifi, but in the end, couldn't bring himself to do so. He sets the gun down and starts to leave. Before he could do so however, Magnifi awakes to break the news to Valant. Zak already acquired the rights, therefore, he failed the test.

AJAA Case04acrime.png

Valant leaves the room, shocked and sad. Suddenly, he hears a gunshot. He ran into Magnifi's room to find that his teacher had shot himself. Valant almost instantly realizes that this is his chance to frame Zak after all. Thus, removing his rights and giving it all to himself. He injects medication into the IV bag to make it appear that Magnifi was shot while Zak was present. As a result, doctors were fooled into thinking that the magician died ten minutes ago, when it is actually moments ago. Zak was then framed and arrested for murder.

Seeing this as an opportunity to become famous, defense attorney Kristoph Gavin decides to take Zak's case. He needed help, so he visited prodigy forger, Vera Misham, daughter of Drew Misham. Kristoph gives Vera a sample of Magnifi's handwriting. She takes it and makes a new page, as Kristoph told her to, that implicates Valant as the true killer. Kristoph learns from Vera that she loves Troupe Gramarye, and that she is an agoraphobe who bites her nails when anxious. Kristoph decides to give Vera nail polish, telling her that she would use it to have good luck whenever she went outside. In truth, however, he had put lethal atroquinine poison on it, as a delayed kill-switch: if she were called upon to testify about her forgery, an emotionally harrowing experience, she would surely take her lucky nail polish, bite her nails, and ingest the atroquinine. He would then use the forgery to have Zak innocent... or at least he would have.

When Kristoph met Zak, Zak challenged him in a game of cards. When Kristoph lost, Zak fired him, and asked to meet with Wright. Kristoph assumed that he'd been fired for losing, and was outraged. But in fact, Zak believed that fierce competition tells you about a man's character; when he played against Kristoph, he didn't like what he'd seen.

Later that night, Zak called in his next opponent, legendary defense attorney Phoenix Wright. Zak challenged him the same way, with the same rule. This time, not only did Wright reveal himself to be the kind of attorney Zak wanted, but he actually won, countering Zak's careful observation of body language with his own (developed over the course of his career as a defense attorney who relied on bluffs and bluster), and Zak offered to hire him on the spot. Despite the fact that the trial was the next day, Phoenix reluctantly agreed.

Kristoph was beside himself when he heard the news, being passed over by a prestigious client for another (in his eyes, inferior) attorney. He contacted his brother, rookie prosecutor and rock legend, Klavier Gavin, who he'd been prepared to face in court on his debut. He informs him that Phoenix intended to use the forged page to win. Klavier then prepares a trap to the attorney in his very first case as a prosecutor. He would call up Drew to the stand and confirm the forgery. Klavier wondered how Kristoph knew what Phoenix was up to, but he never asked.

The next morning, before the trial, Kristoph hands the page over to Trucy Enigmar, Zak's daughter. He tells her to give it to an "old boy in the blue suit with the spiky hair". Trucy does what he said and gives the page to Phoenix, unaware of what for.

During the trial, Phoenix presented the forged evidence and Klavier pounced on him as he prepared for, calling Drew Misham as a witness to prove that the document was forged. However, before a sentence could be passed, something unexpected happened. Zak disappeared and, with help from Trucy, escaped and disappeared from the police. The verdict was put on hold, with Phoenix losing the case.

AJAA Case04bcrime.png

Two weeks later, Phoenix was disbarred, thanks to the Bar Association review board. Kristoph, a member of the review board, voted to keep him from being disbarred in order to ingratiate himself to Phoenix and keep an eye on him. Phoenix then adopts Trucy as his own daughter and starts the Wright Talent Agency.

Zak did not actually disappear, but lived a new life as world traveler Shadi Smith. He would eventually come back seven years later to give the rights to Magnifi's magic to Trucy just before he is legally declared deceased, upon which the rights would revert to Valant. Valant, meanwhile, took new jobs and waited for the day he would eventually bring back the miracle of the Troupe Gramarye.

Kristoph then tries to hide his involvement by attempting to kill the two people who knew of his crime: Drew Misham and Vera Misham. So he sent a letter to Drew, telling him to send a letter with an enclosed stamp, which is also covered in atroquinine poison. The commemorative stamp contained the Troupe Gramarye, which Vera loved, so she decided to keep it instead, without letting her father lick it. Kristoph failed to kill him. Desperate, Kristoph decided to keep an eye on everyone involved in the case, the Mishams, Brushel, Valant, and of course, Phoenix, who is looking for answers to who made the evidence and the opportunity to set up a new judicial system.

Kristoph's luck would run out seven years later. After having dinner with Phoenix at the Borscht Bowl Club, he leaves, seeing Shadi Smith on the way out. He almost instantly recognizes him as Zak Gramarye. Fearing he would say anything, Kristoph snuck into the clubs passageway and waited for an opportunity to kill Zak to keep him quiet. He would have taken Phoenix's case to falsely accuse someone else of the murder. Unfortunately, Phoenix planned ahead and instead used Kristoph's own student, Apollo Justice, to take him down. Kristoph was convicted of the murder and sent to prison.

Drew eventually heard the news. The Misham household still held the poison-covered tolls Kristoph gave them. Drew, after making drawings based on Apollo's cases, writes a letter, saying to Kristoph that his secret was safe with them. As soon as he finished, Brushel came to his doorstep to interview him. During the interview, Drew couldn't find a proper stamp, so he took the poisoned stamp, licked it, and sent it to Kristoph. He leaves the poison marks on his coffee mug's rim and eventually collapses and dies during his first interview.

Brushel calls the police and Vera was arrested, not before taking the nail polish she received and believed was "magic" for seven years. The stress of the trial caused her to bite her nails, ingesting the atroquinine poison in the process.

Turnabout Succession: Epilogue[edit]

AJAA Case04 End2.png

Nothing else you could do here, you can only watch the ending, and go through a last minute plot twist along the way.

Congratulations! You are now finished with Apollo's first (and possibly last) game! Will Phoenix get his badge back now that his name has finally been cleared of forgery? Will he ever see his old friends again? Will Apollo and Trucy ever learn that they have the same mother and learn of her "fate"? You'll have to play the next game to find out, or you could move to another game starring everyone's favorite prosecutor... of the past!

AJAA Case04 End.png