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Verse Cave[edit]

Naija starts in the verse cave, longing for adventure from the otherwise perfect place. Since there is only one exit, you will have to proceed to the left.

You should see a plant. To open it, hold PC Mouse Right Click.png on Naija, and move the mouse onto the note that matches the plant color. You may proceed east for another plant, but you won't be able to collect the Big Seed until you learned the bind spell.

Continue to the left to head into the secret cave passage.

Secret cave passage[edit]

The secret cave passage is the next tutorial cave, which gives information about avoiding enemies. You should see a bit more plants, the first one providing a hand roll.

When you approach the spiked fish, you will need to swim past them. The easiest method is to click far away to get a sudden boost. You will learn the shield song, which protects you against ranged attacks, before turning south to the first red crystal (which both heals and acts as a save point).

Continue left. When you encounter the shadow, you will enter a special scene where you are in an alternate form, but will eventually get killed due to overwhelming enemies.Continue left again to reach Home Waters.

Home Waters[edit]

Home Waters is a hub, where you can access a few other locations. At this place, you have to do the following:

  1. Exit to the Song Cave at the south-east corner, to learn the Bind song.
  2. Exit to the west, to the Energy Temple.
  3. Defeat the large enemy in the south-west corner.
  4. Exit to the right, towards Open Waters.

Within this area, you can enter your home to rest or cook advanced recipes. There are also some blocked off areas, which requires you to wait until later before exploring them.

Outside, there is also a large fish that will eat stray ingredients. Because of this, you should avoid harvesting the ingredients from the plants directly below your home.

The Song Cave[edit]

In this case, you need to learn the Bind song. It is located behind an ancient door, but you don't know the combination for it. To find it, as well as other items, you will need to head to the right of the door.

In this cave, there is another treasure, the Jelly Beacon, located at the top-right corner.

At the south-east corner of the cave, you should find a mural depicting two creatures, a door, and a cominbation. The combination is as follows:

Aquaria leafs.pngAquaria circle.pngAquaria sprout.pngAquaria star.png

Head left to return to the ancient door, and sing this four note song near the door. This will cause it to open, allowing you to enter. In this case, head to the crystal at the top-right to learn the Bind song. Once you learn the song, you can head to the bottom of the cave and displace the rock to get access to the health egg. You can also return to the Verse Cave to retrieve one of the special treasures.

Once you have the bind spell, you may proceed to the Energy Temple, located directly west of Naija's home.