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Big Seed[edit]

Aquaria BigSeed.png

  • "I discovered a giant seed in my sanctuary. When I brought it home and planted it, it sprouted into a colorful garden."
  • Effect: Pillowy pinkish plants appear in a spot nearby the kitchen to the lower right.
  • Found: In the Verse Cave (the starting location), head to the lower-right corner and go through a tunnel. There is a boulder you can lift once you learn the bind song. Once it is exposed, you can collect it.

Jelly Beacon[edit]

Aquaria Songcave.png

  • "This odd plant seemed to draw small jelly fish towards it."
  • Effect: Jelly fish appear in Naija'a home.
  • Found: In the top right corner of the Song Cave, located in the south east side of Home Waters.

Krotite Armor[edit]

Aquaria Energytemple.png

  • "I recovered this ancient battle armor worn by the Krotites from a secret entrance to the Energy Temple."
  • Effect: Changes Najia's appearance
  • Found: A locked entrance, west of the song cave.

Energy Idol[edit]

Aquaria Energystatue.png

  • "A small statuette that burned with the power of the Krotites."
  • Effect: The statuette will appear in the room just past the gate to the east of the save crystal.
  • Found: In the energy temple. There are two entrances to the cave containing the statue, and both require fish form. One is by the boss, bringing you into the cave from below. The other is near the main entrance (use sun form when the map goes black to find the fish-sized channel), and brings you into the cave from above.


Aquaria Energyboss.png

  • "In the rush of victory, I pulled this large tooth from the Energy God's jaw. I decided to keep it, as a reminder..."
  • Effect: The tooth will appear in the room just past the gate to the east of the save crystal.
  • Found: Energy God's Mouth.

Crab Armor[edit]

Aquaria Crabcostume.png

  • "I fashioned this armor from the shell of the Giant Crab. It would provide me with extra defense when worn."
  • Effect: Increases defense when worn.
  • Found: Kill the Giant Crab boss in the northern part of The Arnassi Ruins (the one with the ancient turtle in it, leading to the "Simon says" boss).

Glowing Plant[edit]

Aquaria Jellyplant.png

  • "Its twin bulbs drew jellyfish up from the deep."
  • Effect: Glowing jellyfish will appear in a dark room at the bottom of Naija's home.
  • Found: Hidden in a secret area in the western side of The Abyss. If you travel from the eastern area of The Abyss to the western using the lower of the two entrances, then look at your minimap, you will see a hidden area in the roof of the tunnel not far to the left of the entrance.

Mithalas Pot[edit]

Aquaria Mithalaspot.png

  • "This pot never seemed to run out of meat for my kitchen."
  • Effect: Infinite meat in Naija's kitchen (spawns meat whenever you break it).
  • Found: In Mithalas ruined cities northeast side, in a pagoda southest of the entrance (past the strong current.)

Arnassi Armor[edit]

Aquaria Seahorse-costume.png

  • "I won this armor by completing the Arnassi Gauntlet in record time. When worn, I could ride seahorses more effectively.
  • Effect: When worn, seahorses that you are riding move faster and can travel against currents.
  • Found: Complete the timed event in under 1m 30s in the Arnassi ruin area. You can start it by playing the four runes on the wall. Big hint for finishing it within time: time spent in Spirit form does not count against the race timer. Hot soup is also a big help. Also, fish form is quick enough to complete it without speed boosts.

Odd Container[edit]

Aquaria Treasure-chest.png

  • "The bubbles trapped inside this container amused me."
  • Effect: The odd container will appear in the room just past the gate to the east of the save crystal.
  • Found: In the Kelp Forest, on the same map that has the small separated section (where you get the 3rd cooking slot). You should be in the Kelp Forest and NOT in the separated section. In the north part of the Kelp Forest map, swim along the eastern wall until you find a hidden cave with a wrecked ship in it. There you'll find a treasure chest. Using the Sun form is a big aid.

Mithalas Banner[edit]

Aquaria Mithalas-banner.png

  • "I took a blue banner from Mithalas, to remind me of the time spent in its waters."
  • Effect: The banner will appear in the room just past the gate to the east of the save crystal.
  • Found: There are eight rooms after you enter the Mithalan palace (second "Mithalas City" zone) - four above and four below. In the top-left one, there is a blue banner - this is it.

Mithala Doll[edit]

Aquaria Mithala-doll.png

  • "I imagined that this doll belonged to a young girl who had lived in Mithalas long before it was destroyed."
  • Effect: The doll will appear in Naija's bedroom.
  • Found: From the main entrance to Mithalas, take the first path north. Where the two circular paths meet on the map, here will be a house on the right side wall facing perfectly left. Go into that house and you will find a path you need fish form to take. The path leads to a bedroom. The doll is on the bed.

Walker Baby[edit]

Aquaria Walker-baby.png

  • "Perhaps one day it would grow up to be as magnificent as the Walkers in the Kelp Forest."
  • Effect: Spawns an adult walker in Naija's garden.
  • Found: Start from the Ancient Turtle in the Kelp Forest, swim straight down into the current until you face a split-up of the path. Swim down again until you get to the big kelps on the floor and swim left, until your minimap blackens out. Switch into the Sun form and continue left until you see a path on the minimap leading down. There's a "rock-disguised" monster right on top of the entrance. Continue down, swim past the giant walkers until one of the walkers blocks your path, switch into Spirit form and slip through the walker, leave the Spirit form and get the walker baby.

Note: You can slip through the walker riding on seahorse but it's only one-way trip. You can also choose to attack the Walkers with either the energy form or dashing at and holding onto the Walker in the Urchin Costume. Though it can take a while, they can be killed- forgoing the need for the Spirit Form. You can also slip past the walker on the left side with fish form and a little careful swimming.

Seed Bag[edit]

Aquaria Seed-bag.png

  • "I spread these seeds around the foresty area of my cave. Soon small leafy sprouts appeared."
  • Effect: Creates plants in Naija's home garden that can be bound for some types of items.
  • Found: Go to the mini-nymphs' home in the kelp forest after obtaining nature form. There is a plant passageway that will lead you to a garden full of leaves to pull, and also the treasure.

Arnassi Statue[edit]

Aquaria Arnassi-statue.png

  • "An Arnassi statue I scavenged from the ruins of the civilization."
  • Effect: The statue will appear sitting on a shelf in Naija's stone chamber. It will also spawn 3 seahorses within the same room.
  • Found: Hidden in dark area of the Arnassi ruins.


Aquaria Golden-gear.png

  • "I thought that it might be fun to have one of these in my cave."
  • Effect: Causes the gears in Naija's cave to spin.
  • Found: Sun Temple, in the second half by going through the pipe the steampunk unkillable monsters go through.

Urchin Costume[edit]

Aquaria Urchin-costume.png

  • "A spiny costume fashioned from the shells of sea urchins. Creatures that touched it would take damage from its sharp spikes."
  • Effect: When worn, things Naija physically touches will take continuous damage.
  • Found: North of turtle cave, using the beast form to travel up a waterfall. You'll enter an area with lots of floating water. Use beast form to get to the top water bubbles, and then use hot soup and the beast jump to propel yourself to the topmost bubble.

Girl's Costume[edit]

Aquaria Teen-costume.png

  • "A rather revealing costume..."
  • Effect: Naija wears a bikini.
  • Found: It's on the bed in the sunken city. Possibly the only room you don't have to visit so it should be easy to find. You have to have Spirit Form.

Mutant Costume[edit]

Aquaria Mutant-costume.png

  • "Why did they look so much like me..."
  • Effect: Naija looks like a mutant.
  • Found: In the Body, in the gauntlet just before the final save point. About halfway through, there's a small passage hidden in a wall covered with thorns - look at the map to see where it is.

Jelly Costume[edit]

Aquaria Jelly-costume.png

  • "I won this costume by defeating King Jellyfish. When worn, it would heal me if my wounds became critical."
  • Effect: Automatically heals Naija if her health goes below 50%, when worn.
  • Found: defeat the Jelly King in the west part of the abyss.

Sun Key[edit]

Aquaria Sun-key.png

  • "A strange shiny object... I had no idea what it was for, but I decided to keep it."
  • Effect: Spawns 2 mechanic fish in the "sun temple like" part of Naija's cave.
  • Found: In the sun temple, along the eastmost wall of the first place where you'll have to manipulate the water level, there is a hidden passage. The passage is in the first shaft in which you lower the blue crystal.

Mithalan Dress[edit]

Aquaria Mithalan-costume.png

  • "A ceremonial costume worn by the princess of Mithalas."
  • Effect: Naija wears a pink outfit.
  • Found: In the cathedral there will be one section that you couldn't get in before you get beast form due to the current (if you've explored everywhere else it will be easy to see where it is on the map). Head there, use beast form to get past the current and there's your costume.

Glowing Seed[edit]

Aquaria Bio-seed.png

  • "When planted, this seed sprouted a garden of glowing plants in my cave."
  • Effect: Glowing plants grow in Naija's home.
  • Found: Hidden in the western Area of The Abyss, on the far west side, through the narrow twisting tunnels full of crabs.

Turtle Egg[edit]

Aquaria Turtle-egg.png

  • "I found this egg in the Turtle Cave."
  • Effect: Turtles spawn in Naija's cave
  • Found: In turtle cave underneath the old turtle's head covered by rocks.

King's Skull[edit]

Aquaria Skull.png

  • "How did he end up in such a terrible place, I wondered?"
  • Effect: The skull will appear sitting on a shelf in Naija's stone chamber.
  • Found: Caves covered in bones in the bottom left Open Waters. The King's Skull is in the west part of open waters, right above the west part of the abyss. There is an exit to a darkened cave in the lower-left and upper-right, in this cave you'll find the King's Skull behind a barrier you can get past with the spirit form.

Drask's Trident[edit]

Aquaria Trident-head.png

  • "This belonged on the end of a prince's weapon."
  • Effect: The trident will appear sitting on a shelf in Naija's stone chamber.
  • Found: Right after you got the Spirit form, swim down and then left past the hot streams.

Song Plant Spore[edit]

Aquaria Sporeseed.png

  • "The spores form the song plant reacted strongly to the Verse."
  • Effect: Creates spores in Naija's cave that change color when she sings.
  • Found: Top most area of the race portion of Arnassi Ruins.

Jelly Egg[edit]

Aquaria JellyEgg.png

  • "An egg from an upside-down jelly."
  • Effect: It will appear in Naija's garden with a couple upside-down jellies around it.
  • Found: Bottom of the shaft just before the Kelp Forest boss. The one with all current and all the upside down plant things.

Stone Head[edit]

Aquaria Stonehead.png

  • "I wondered if this stone's crude face was the product of nature or something else?"
  • Effect: The stone head will appear in a spot nearby the kitchen to the lower right. When Naija sings near it, it will sing with her.
  • Found: In the uppermost section of Open Waters, the one that leads to the Veil. There is a room at the top with three shafts leading into it. The head is at the bottom of the middle one, just before it turns left and joins with the left shaft. If you look on the map, it is almost straight above the Open Waters turtle.

Golden Starfish[edit]

Aquaria Goldstar.png

  • "A special starfish infused with the sun's power
  • Effect: The starfish will appear next to the entrance of Naija's home.
  • Found: East Veil, bottom right corner

Anemone Seed[edit]

Aquaria Anemone-seed.png

  • "When planted, this seed sprouted a garden of anemones in my cave."
  • Effect: Spawns 3 anemones beneath Naija's kitchen.
  • Found: In a tiny cave passageway above the giant anemone that is situated at the top of the room directly west of the save crystal in the Song Cave. Turn into Nature Form to swim past the giant anemone without it hurting you. Continue swimming upward against the weak current to get to it.

Black Pearl[edit]

Aquaria Blackpearl.png

  • "A beautiful black pearl I found hidden away in a deep cave."
  • Effect: Spawns a clam you can sleep in in Naija's garden.
  • Found: It's in the Kelp Forest, located on the map with the entrance to the sea nymphs' cave. From the entrance of the nymphs' cave, swim northwest into the left main part of the map. Swim north until you see a small cave with a big fish lurking in it (on the right side), switch into Fish form and swim past the big fish. Switch to Sun form and follow the small passage behind the fish (avoid the thorns) and collect the Black Pearl at the end of the passage.

Third Cooking Slot[edit]

  • Effect: Third cooking slot without needing a kitchen.
  • Found: Find the hidden passage in the dark area of the arnassi ruins. Hint, you need fish form to get through it; it is behind one of the statues. Ride the turtle. It is not linked to the other turtles, but to one in a small section in the Kelp Forest, where a "Simon says" creature floats around. Repeat the creature's song patterns back to him quickly enough and he will award you the cooking slot.


Aquaria Turtleshell.png

  • Effect: ?
  • Found: ?