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The generally accepted order of progression through song acquisition is as follows.

  1. Shield song
    1. Proceed through the tutorial cave, it can't be missed.
  2. Bind song
    1. Exit the tutorial cave and proceed down past Naija's Home.
    2. Follow the bottom floor right until it curves back up.
    3. Follow the tunnel there down and right into the Song Cave.
    4. Use the series of notes found in the far right of the Song Cave to open the mysterious door in the center of the cave.
    5. Enter the door and proceed all the way to the right for a cutscene and the Bind song.
  3. Energy Form song
    1. Return to the entrance of Naija's Home.
    2. Go down to the first tunnel entrance on the left and follow it to a boulder.
    3. Use the Bind song to move the boulder and enter the Energy Temple.
    4. Proceed through the Energy Temple to acquire the Energy Form song.
  4. Reach Open Waters
    1. Return to the entrance of Naija's Home.
    2. Proceed down, then to the right.
    3. Follow the wall up past the tunnel leading to the Song Cave.
    4. The next tunnel to the right leads to a pearl. Bind it and return to the main passage.
    5. Further up is another tunnel to the right, follow it to a pearl statue.
    6. Install the pearl and use it to open the gate. Proceed right into Open Waters.
  5. Beast Form song (or Nature Form song)
    1. It can be simpler to acquire the Beast Form song before the Nature Form song, since there are many currents on the way to the Nature Form song.
    2. Proceed right through the first section of Open Waters into the second section.
    3. Proceed right through the second section of Open Waters until you reach a current you cannot swim against. Then turn down.
    4. Follow the passage down, continue following it to the right.
    5. Follow the passage as it turns up until you reach the hallway passage with the tapestries and vases.
    6. Follow the hallway into Mithalas.
    7. Proceed right through Mithalas into Mithalas Cathedral and acquire the Beast Form song.
  6. Nature Form song (or Beast Form song)
    1. It is possible to acquire the Nature Form song before the Beast Form song, but that is not recommended (see explanation above). With that in mind, directions will begin at the entrance to Mithalas, head there first.
    2. Head left through the fast current.
    3. Upon exiting the fast current take a small passage up. Follow that passage into the next area, The Veil.
    4. At this time there is only direction you can actually travel, work your way through the passages to the left to reach the first section of The Kelp Forest.
    5. Proceed up and follow the passage as it turns left.
    6. Continue left until you can only go up or down near the save crystal. Turn up.
    7. Take the first passage to the left to the next section of The Kelp Forest.
    8. Proceed through The Kelp Forest to acquire the Nature Form song and optionally the Fish Form song.
  7. Spirit Form song
    1. Return to Mithalas. Enter from Open Waters.
    2. Proceed right until you can go up.
    3. Follow the path around to the top of the area and use Beast Form to swim against the current there.
    4. Follow the passage to the passage plant. Use Nature Form to open it and enter.
    5. Acquire the Spirit Form song from the boss inside.
  8. Sun Form song
    1. Return to Open Waters at the entrance to Mithalas.
    2. Proceed up, using Beast Form to swim against the current into the first section of The Veil.
    3. Continue up into the second section of The Veil.
    4. Follow the passage up and left until the tunnel opens up.
    5. Follow the sea floor right, through the tunnel filled with currents.
    6. Continue right, take the first tunnel down.
    7. Follow the passages down and right, they eventually all meet back at the entrance to the third section of The Veil.
    8. Follow the passages right, then up.
    9. When you leave the tunnels, proceed left into the Sun Temple to acquire the Sun Form song.
  9. Dual Form song
  10. Completion of game