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Arcana Heart mildred avallone full.jpg
  • Birth : June 15
  • Age : 23
  • Height : 5'9"
  • Voice actor: Yukiko Kikuchi
  • Arcana:

Mildred Avallone (ミルドレッド・アヴァロン Mirudoreddo Avaron?) is the head of the Norway branch of the Ministry of Elemental Affairs. She may be young, but she’s experienced at overcoming anyone who stands in the way of her goals. She seems suspiciously interested in the skies above Tokyo and is currently conducting research in secret, where her dream is to become an archangel by using the other Maidens' arcana power to draw them out. She wants to combine both the real world and the elemental world, and with Fiona as an example, she will be unstoppable… but she needed one more Arcana to complete her plan and she needs to capture Heart Aino. (Also Mildred was responsible of blackmailing Mei-Fang's creator into working for her.)


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Arcana Heart 2[edit]

Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2[edit]