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This game has not yet been released. This guide may contain information of a speculative nature, not based on actual use. If you have any substantiated information to contribute, please discuss it on the talk page.

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Box artwork for Ardent Seas.
Box artwork for Ardent Seas.
Ardent Seas
Developer(s)Recursive Paprika
Publisher(s)Recursive Paprika
Year released
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
LinksArdent Seas at PCGamingWikiArdent Seas ChannelArdent_SeasArdentSeas

Ardent Seas is a real time strategy game with a focus on naval combat. It features three unique factions: the Tennoran Defence Navy (TDN), the Coalition Armada (CA), and the Ravagers.

The story of Ardent Seas takes place on the world of Tennora, an oceanic planet 500 lightyears from Earth. After an unusually long journey, the colony ships from Earth crashed on Tenorra, resulting in a technological dark age. From the dark age emerged two superpowers: The Tenorran Defense Union, and the Southern Coalition, as well as many smaller nations. The nearby moon Pyrios is home to the Pyrios-Alpha Radio Telescope Array, three giant radio telescopes built into adjacent impact craters for the purpose of finding Alien life, and to study Earth’s current condition. They would eventually find alien life, and it would prove to be hostile.

It is known that the game will feature a single player campaign, online and LAN multiplayer, and a skirmish mode for practicing against the AI.

The game currently remains in closed development, with sparse information available.

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