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The book, accessible through the main menu.

Are You Alice? is primarily a visual novel, with freedom of choice coming from the protagonist's ability to wander around the colorful setting. The game can be completed in two full play-throughs, with one bad end being obtainable in the first. The first play-through skips over many major story points, which can be seen by accessing newly-unlocked locations on the map in the second play-through. Obtain all endings and see all scenes for a completed CG Library and Book. The Book contains bonus information about the many strange residents of Wonderland, especially concerning their pasts and true identities.

Controls to remember throughout the game are Circle button to select and continue, and Cross button to return or cancel. The book can be browsed with the L1 button and R1 button buttons.


Between scenes, Alice will be presented with a map which allows him to choose his next destination. Some locations must first be unlocked before Alice can visit them. Locations which Alice can visit are indicated by flashing. Move the cursor with Neutral lstick over the location and select with Circle button to decide on Alice's next destination.

AYA Map.png
  1. Abandoned House
  2. Caterpillar Lane
  3. Castle of the Queen of Hearts
  4. Entrance
  5. Back Alley
  6. Mad Hatter's House
  7. Pond of Tears
  8. Town Square
  9. Twins' House
  10. Mansion of the Duchess
  11. Mushroom Forest