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  • Paddle: Use the paddle to direct the Vaus left or right across the bottom of the playfield. Rotate the paddle clockwise to move the Vaus to the right, or rotate the paddle counter-clockwise to move the Vaus to the left.
  • Fire: Press the fire button to fire twin lasers up towards the top of the screen when the Vaus is configured in laser mode. When catch mode is activated, press the fire button to release any balls attached to the Vaus.
  • 1-2 Players: Press to begin a one or two player game.


Arkanoid 2 Vaus.gif
Arkanoid 2 Laser Vaus.gif

You are in direct control of the spacecraft known as the Vaus at the bottom of the stage. Your primary goals are to prevent the ball from ever falling below the paddle, and to eliminate every brick from the current stage in order to open the gates on either side of the screen, which lead to a new stage. Enemies may also appear on the screen and slowly make their way down to the bottom of the screen. The Vaus can crash harmlessly into these enemies. They only serve as interference for the ball.

The Vaus now has the ability to transform in several ways. One is by collecting the blue Enlarge capsule which extends the length of the Vaus. However, by collecting the small black Reduce capsule, you will shrink the length of the Vaus, making it more difficult to position yourself below the ball. The dark blue Twin capsule creates a second Vaus alongside the first. The dark green Illusion capsule causes a ghost trail to extend behind the Vaus which can reflect the ball. Last but not least, by collecting the red Laser capsule which transforms the Vaus to the form shown on the right. In this configuration, you can fire Lasers up at the top of the screen.

Where the ball hits the paddle dictates how it will bounce off the paddle. If the ball hits the silver area in the middle, it will bounce off at a sharp angle. If it hits the red bands near the sides, it will bounce off at a 45 degree angle. And if it hits the very edges of the paddle, it will bounce off at a very shallow angle. Use this information to not only keep the ball in play, but to better direct the path that it takes while you attempt to knockout all of the bricks.


There are three different kinds of bricks: colored bricks, silver bricks, and gold bricks. Bricks of different colors make up the majority of the walls in each area. They only require one hit to defeat, but they vary in point value from one another.

Brick Arkanoid 2 brick White.png Arkanoid 2 brick Orange.png Arkanoid 2 brick Cyan.png Arkanoid 2 brick Green.png Arkanoid 2 brick Red.png Arkanoid 2 brick Blue.png Arkanoid 2 brick Violet.png Arkanoid 2 brick Yellow.png
Value 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
Arkanoid 2 brick Silver.png
Arkanoid 2 brick Gold.png

Silver and Gold bricks, on the other hand, cannot be destroyed with one hit. In fact, Gold bricks cannot be destroyed at all unless you have the Mega power-up. They are indestructible, and therefore not counted against you towards your attempt to clear an area of bricks. Silver bricks take more than one hit to destroy. In the beginning, they only require two to destroy, but the number of hits it takes to remove them increases by one every eight stages. To calculate the number of points Silver bricks are worth, multiply 50 by the stage number.

Arkanoid 2 brick Regenerate.png

Finally, there is a new type of brick that appears in Revenge of Doh. These are the silver renegerating brick. They take the same number of hits as normal silver bricks to destroy. However, they reappear in their original position only a few seconds after they have been removed. They fully regenerate, and will require the same number of hits to remove them from the screen once more as they did earlier. They can never be completely removed, and do not count against your attempt to clear an area, just like gold bricks. However, they are often strategically placed so that you will need to remove them and shoot the ball past them in order to clear a stage.

It should also be noted that not all bricks in Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh do not remain in a fixed position. Some bricks will roam left and right if space is available on either side of them.


Power-ups appear after you remove a random number of non-silver bricks. Only one power-up capsule will appear at a time, and they slowly fall to the bottom of the screen. In order to activate a power-up, you must collect it with the Vaus. Power-up effects last until another power-up is collected or the current ball is lost.

Power-up Name Description
Arkanoid 2 capsule Laser.gif Laser Collect the red capsule to transform the Vaus into its Laser-firing configuration. In this form, you can fire lasers at the top of the screen by pushing the fire button. Lasers can be used against every brick except Gold bricks, and against enemies. Silver bricks can only be destroyed by lasers when they are hit the required number of times. You can fire up to three lasers on the screen at one time (up from two in the original game.)
Arkanoid 2 capsule Enlarge.gif Enlarge Collect the blue capsule to extend the width of the Vaus.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Catch.gif Catch Collect the green capsule to gain the catch ability. When the ball hits the Vaus, it will stick to the surface. Press the Fire button to release the ball. The ball will automatically release after a certain period of time has passed.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Slow.gif Slow Collect the orange capsule to slow the velocity at which the ball moves. Collecting multiple orange capsules will have a cumulative effect and the ball velocity can become extremely slow. However, the ball velocity will gradually increase as it bounces and destroys bricks. The velocity may sometimes suddenly increase with little warning.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Break.gif Break Collect the pink capsule to create a "break out" exit on either side of the stage. Passing through this exit will cause you to advance to the next stage immediately, as well as earn a 10,000 point bonus.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Disrupt.gif Disruption Collect the cyan capsule to cause the ball to split into eight instances of itself (up from three in the original game.) All eight balls can be kept aloft. There is no penalty for losing the extra balls as long as one ball remains aloft.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Player.gif Player Collect the gray capsule to earn an extra Vaus.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Two.gif Twin Collect the navy blue capsule to split the Vaus in to two pieces that move side by side. Both Vaus can return the ball to the top of the screen. However, there is a small gap between the Vaus that you must be careful not to let the ball slip through.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Image.gif Illusion Collect the dark green capsule to activate the Vaus Illusion mode. As the Vaus moves back and forth across the bottom of the screen, it leaves ghost trails behind it. The trails are capable of returning the ball, but simply bounce the ball rather than allowing the trajectory to be changed. The faster the Vaus moves, the farther the trails extend.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Reduce.gif Reduce Collecting the small black capsule causes the Vaus to shrink in size. All points scored are doubled. The Vaus will return to its regular size as soon as any other capsule is collected.
Arkanoid 2 capsule New.gif New Disruption Collect the white capsule to cause the ball to split into three continuously regenerating instances of itself. When a ball is lost, one of the remaining balls will split apart so that there's always three balls on the screen. Collecting any other capsule will cause the balls to stop splitting.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Mega.gif Mega Collect the purple capsule to transform the ball into a red Mega-ball which is capable of crashing through bricks without rebounding until it hits one of the three surrounding walls. Collecting any other capsule will return the ball to its original status.
Arkanoid 2 capsule Random.gif Random Collect the flashing capsule and one of five effects will be chosen at random:
  1. The energy ball will disrupt into 40 energy balls.
  2. The energy ball will disrupt into 25 Mega-balls.
  3. The energy ball will disrupt into 8 continuously regenerating energy balls.
  4. The Vaus will switch to Laser mode and automatically fire lasers continuously.
  5. 15 constantly regenerating enemies will appear on the screen, making completion of the stage considerably difficult.