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Box artwork for Arkista's Ring.
Box artwork for Arkista's Ring.
Arkista's Ring
Developer(s)American Sammy
Publisher(s)American Sammy
Year released1990
ModesSingle player
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Arkista's Ring is an action-adventure developed and published by American Sammy for the NES in 1990. A prime example of the action-adventure genre, the game is set in a fantasy world, and the player controls a female elf named Christine, in her quest to find the Elven ring of Arkista. It is considered to be a rare NES title.

Story[edit | edit source]

From the back of the box.

The Evil Shogun has stolen the ring of Arkista, plunging the Elven Kingdom into darkness and despair. Only one elf, Christine, is brave enough to take up the treacherous challenge to recover the stolen treasure. She must fight, through towns, graveyards, and mazes crawling with hordes of monsters. Yet, with your help, can she make it to the infamous Ninja Dungeon?

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