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  • Destroy all tan hangars
  • Fly through portal

Walkthrough for 1 player[edit]

You have to destroy the tan hangars to complete this mission and there is a super tank to help you. Activate your map: the pink dots are the tan hangars. Go to them, destroy them and get items that are there. After you destroy all 5 bases, the last pink dot that appears is the portal. Go through the portal to end the mission.

Walkthrough for 2 players[edit]

Player 1 Objective[edit]

Destroy the tan bases. Activate your map: the pink dots are tan hangars. Destroy 3 tan hangars then wait for your teammate to destroy the other 2. Now get to the portal which is the pink dot on the map.

Player 2 Objective[edit]

Destroy 2 tan hangars and activate the map: the pink dots are tan bases. After you destroyed the 2 tan hangars go to the portal, which is the pink dot.