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  • Save at least 2 scientists
  • Rescue sarge
  • Return rescued people to green base

Walkthrough for 1 player[edit]

Activate your map. When you see a pink dot, it is a scientist running from the polarity beam. For the first scientist, go to the top-left of the sand island and when the scientist appears, you will be prepared. Try to take out the enemies with missiles and your machine gun before proceeding for your safety.

For the second scientist, go to the left part of the island. When the scientist appears, go and rescue him. You can tell they are coming because of the pink dots. You have to rescue the third scientist if you let one of the others die, but if you rescued the first two, forget about the third one.

When the fourth pink dot appears, that's sarge. Go behind the rock near the bottom-right of the island and you are prepared. When sarge is rescued, get back to the green base quickly because three polarity beams will be chasing you. When you helicopter is near the green landing pad, go on it by flying to the center of it and your mission is done.

Walkthrough for 2 players[edit]

Player 1 Objective[edit]

Activate your map. When you see a pink dot. it is a scientist running from the polarity beam. you rescue them while your teammate is destroying the tan army. These are the preparation locations:


  1. Top left of sand island
  2. Left of sand island
  3. Left of sand island


  • Behind the rock of the bottom right of the sand island

When you rescue sarge, run to green base quick to the center of the green landing pad to finish the mission. The reason you have to be quick is because three polar beams will be after you.

Player 2 Objective[edit]

Be at the helicopters side and kill the tan vehicles and soldiers while your teammate rescues the scientists and sarge.