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Box artwork for Artelius.
Japanese title アルテリオス
Developer(s) Nichibutsu
Publisher(s) Nichibutsu
Release date(s)
NES icon.png
Genre(s) RPG
System(s) Famicom
Players 1
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Artelius is a console RPG developed by Nichibutsu for the Famicom and published in 1987. The game was never sold outside of Japan, or translated from Japanese to any other language.


In ancient times, an advanced civilization prospered in the solar system. But one day, a black hole passed perilously close and some people were absorbed into the black hole. Those people were transported through time and space to an unknown dimension which they called Artelius.

An evil king named Sarbelor took control and activated a fearful machine called Galax. Consequently Artelius was confined into a warped dimension. There was a peace loving scientist named Dr. Rad. He created a super-human cyborg fighter to defeat the evil king Sarbelor.

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