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Regular Enemies[edit]

Soldier Scorpion
Arumana no Kiseki enemy soldier.gif

Soldiers are the most common human enemy. They appear and wander about back and forth. When Kaito approaches them, they are very likely to jump over him in response.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy scorpion.gif

A simple but deadly enemy, they are too low to the ground for you to effectively attack on a regular basis. As a result, you are best off jumping over them or avoiding them entirely.

Rifle Soldier Native
Arumana no Kiseki enemy shooter.gif

Rifle soldiers wander back and forth like regular soldiers. However, when Kaito gets close to them, instead of jumping, they squat down and take aim at him before firing their gun.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy native.gif

The native inhabitants of the area are large and strong; strong enough to toss boulders at Kaito whenever they notice he's near. They have allied themselves with the soldiers to protect the Almana stone from its rightful owners in exchange for riches.

Hawk Snake
Arumana no Kiseki enemy hawk.gif

Hawks have been trained to attack intruders on sight. They typically hover in the air until they notice someone who doesn't belong, like Kaito, and then dive down to attack them.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy snake.gif

Snakes don't have a high level of intelligence, but they will attempt to strike with a venomous bite when they sense a meal nearby. They leap into the air in order to bite their prey.

Spider Bat
Arumana no Kiseki enemy spider.gif

Spiders hang upside down from the ceilings just waiting for their prey to pass beneath them. When they sense movement below, they drop down to the floor to attack.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy bat.gif

Several bats will escape from their lair at one time, and fly back in forth in a wave like pattern. They tend to fly out in which ever direction Kaito is. Be sure to clear them out of the way before advancing.

Seasnake Mummy
Arumana no Kiseki enemy seasnake.gif

Seasnakes swim beneath the currents of the water and wait to surface in order to take unsuspecting victims by surprise. They have become adept in attacking raft riders.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy mummy.gif

Mummies are the tattering remnants of the dead whose souls have not passed on to the next world. As a result, they can never be defeated. They move slowly about, and won't stay down after being attacked.

Arumana no Kiseki enemy stone.gif

Stones spontaneously fall from greater heights, and must be dodged to avoid taking damage. They are particularly prevalent when you are riding a raft later in the game. Stones and Seasnakes are a particularly dangerous combination.


Stage 1: Dragon Stage 2: Hermit
Arumana no Kiseki boss dragon.gif

A great dragon is the boss of the Uluru underground water way. It rises out of the water to stop intruders from proceeding to Cadiz Castle. Three flames fly about in a circle around its head, and the dragon can spew fire from its maw to attack Kaito directly. Only the head is vulnerable to attack.

Arumana no Kiseki boss hermit.gif

The boss of Cadiz Castle appears to be a simple hermit, but there is nothing simple about him. It rides on a cloud which can transport him safely to any location on the screen. And when he raises the cane in his hand, four bolts of lightning will appear to attack Kaito where he stands at the time.

Stage 3: Side Faces Stage 4: Poison Spider
Arumana no Kiseki boss side face.gif

The boss of Gazal Castle is a trio of giant skeleton faces on the right wall, and one extra face that slides up and down on the left wall. When the eyes of the skeleton on the left lines up with the eyes of the active faces on the right, laser beams fly across the room.

Arumana no Kiseki boss poison spider.gif

The boss of Jigurado Cliff is a gigantic spider. It tracks Kaito down and attempts to get him caught up in webbing, jumping around the various platforms in its lair.

Stage 5: Sand Worm Stage 6: Dark Face
Arumana no Kiseki boss sand worm.gif

The large sand worm is the boss of the Guruto Mine. It appears on the left and right sides of the screen, popping in to shower the screen with rocks before withdrawing and appearing somewhere else.

You will encounter the final boss of the game inside the Dada temple. He is the physical embodiment of the evil god that the Dada believers worship. You'll have to defeat him in order to retrieve the Almana Stone and return it to its rightful owners.