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Arumana no Kiseki stage 3 map.png

The third stage contains some areas that appear to dead-end, but actually have hidden passages that you must discover in order to continue. It also contains the possibility for a drastic shortcut, and an extremely large tower to ascend at the end of the stage. Making use of the shortcut requires very precise grappling hook skills; it's very challenging to access.

Point A
As you begin your initial climb over the first wall of stone faces, trios of bats will appear from the holes in the walls while native will appear in the entrances to throw stones at you. You are more vulnerable to attack while you are climbing up a ledge. With such a large number of enemies milling about, it is a good idea to utilize the holy Crystal weapon to clear the screen of enemies before you pull yourself up.
Point B
This point presents an opportunity for a big shortcut. The wall to the right has a Holy Crystal on top of it. It is possible to jump from the lower ledge on the left, and immediately fire your grappling hook to reach the top of the wall so that you can climb up and collect the crystals, entirely bypassing the lower portion of the stage in the process. You must fire the grappling hook almost precisely after you jump, or it won't connect.
Point C
When you drop to the floor here, it may not be immediately clear how to proceed. A set of Mines can be collected on your way down here, and the red enemies that spawn from the entrance on the floor also provide Mines. This is a good place to try tossing them about to see what you can discover. Between the two statues, you can find a place on the floor that the mines will break through, and fall down. As you fall, a vertical spear will follow you, but you will also find some Meat if you walk to the left.
Point D
It can be difficult to hit while riding the floating platform up and down this section, but it is possible to hit the middle of the wall with Mines and begin to create a tunnel. Break through the walls with more Mines and you will discover a pocket filled with Mines, a Gun, Bolas, and a Pendant.
Point E
In a manner that is easier than attempting the shortcut from point B, it is possible to grapple over to the ledge on the far right side of the screen, and pull yourself up to walk along the roof that leads to the tower. If you're successful, you'll find a 1-Up at the base of the tower, but then you'll have to turn around and drop back down inside to proceed. Be sure to jump and then fire your grappling hook in time if you wish to make it.
Point F
From here on in, you must climb to the top of the tower. Once again, use the flash of the Holy Crystals to clear out large groups of enemies before you pull yourself up in order to proceed. Try to collect the free set of Bolas on your way up since they are useful against the stage boss. Just above them, you will find an entrance that red enemies appear from occasionally. These enemies will have Meat, so try to pick one up before you finish your climb to the boss lair.

Boss: Side Faces[edit]

Arumana no Kiseki Stage 3 boss.png

When you reach the top of the tower, you will find yourself in a strange room with a collection of skulls carved into the walls. There are three on the right side, stacked on top of one another. There is only one on the left side, but it is free to move up and down along the side of the wall. As the skull on the left slides up and down, it fires a laser at one of the skulls, who also fires a laser back. When these lasers collide, they scatter in five directions, and one will almost certainly head in your direction.

The first step to defeating this boss is to take out the three skulls on the right. As soon as you arrive, immediately push right and fall down to the floor. Failure to do so will likely get you struck by the first round of lasers. Once you are on the floor, the best method of removing the bottom statue is by shooting at it with your gun. You will know that you successfully destroyed it when it turns green and the flames in its eyes go out. To destroy the remaining two statues, use your Bolas. You can safely attack them from the floor if you attack from the right distance. If you do not have Bolas, you will need to grapple up to the ledges and fling knives or shoot bullets at them.

Once all three skulls on the right are green, you are free to destroy the left skull. When it is the last one left, the left statue will fire a laser all the way across, which will scatter when it hits the right wall. Once again, if you still have a supply of Bolas, this would be the best way to attack it, but you can use whatever means you have available. Destroy the left skull to proceed to the next stage.