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This is the SpellBook from the RPGDot guide.

(A) - Audible Sound (RM) - Resist Magic (RF) - Resist Fire

Level Combination Result (Name) Effect Mana Cost
1 Mega rune Vista rune
Mega Vista
Night Vision Magic sight to improve vision in dark areas.
1 Aam rune Taar rune
Aam Taar
Magic Missile (A) (RM) 1d4 x lvl 1 x lvl
1 Aam rune Yok rune
Aam Yok
Ignite Light all torches, fireplace (radius) 2
1 Nhi rune Yok rune
Nhi Yok
Douse Counter Fire 2, proportional to countered fire
1 Mega rune Spacium rune
Mega Spacium
Activate Portal Activates gates in TP rooms, given by Chinkashh 2
2 Mega rune Vitae rune
Mega Vitae
Heal +1d4 HP x lvl, heals the casters and others in radius 2 x lvl
2 Morte rune Cosum rune Vista rune
Morte Cosum Vista
Detect Trap Detect Traps 5 duration
2 Mega rune Kaom rune
Mega Kaom
Armor +1 to AC x lvl 4 duration
2 Rhaa rune Kaom rune
Rhaa Kaom
Lower Armor (RM)= -1 x lvl to enemy AC 4 duration
2 Rhaa rune Vitae rune
Rhaa Vitae
Harm (A) (RM) -1d4 + s
Cast's a harm-field around you, hurting everyone nearby.
4 duration
3 Mega rune Movis rune
Mega Movis
3 Nhi rune Stregum rune Vista rune
Nhi Stregum Vista
3 Aam rune Yok rune Taar rune
Aam Yok Taar
3 Aam rune Vitae rune Cosum rune
Aam Vitae Cosum
4 Mega rune Stregum rune Vitae rune
Mega Stregum Vitae
4 Nhi rune Spacium rune
Nhi Spacium
Dispel field
4 Yok rune Kaom rune
Yok Kaom
Protection from fire
4 Spacium rune Comunicatum rune
Spacium Comunicatum
5 Aam rune Morte rune Cosum rune
Aam Morte Cosum
5 Mega rune Spacium rune Movis rune
Mega Spacium Movis
5 Nhi rune Cetrius rune
Nhi Cetrius
Cure effects of poison
5 Morte rune Kaom rune
Morte Kaom
Repel Undead
6 Aam rune Morte rune Vitae rune
Aam Morte Vitae
Raise Undead
6 Nhi rune Movis rune
Nhi Movis
6 Aam rune Kaom rune Spacium rune
Aam Kaom Spacium
Create field
6 Nhi rune Morte rune Cosum rune
Nhi Morte
Disable Trap
7 Vista rune Movis rune
Vista Movis
Flying Eye
7 Aam rune Yok rune Spacium rune
Aam Yok Spacium
Fire field
7 Aam rune Folgora rune Taar rune
Aam Folgora Taar
Lightning Projection
7 Rhaa rune Vista rune
Rhaa Vista
8 Nhi rune Vista rune
Nhi Vista
8 Stregum rune Movis rune
Stregum Movis
Mana drain
8 Aam rune Mega rune Morte rune
Aam Mega Morte
8 Mega rune Stregum rune Cosum rune
Mega Stregum Cosum
Enchant Object
9 Aam rune Vitae rune Tera rune
Aam Vitae Tera
9 Nhi rune Stregum rune Spacium rune
Nhi Spacium
Negate Magic
9 Aam rune Mega rune Yok rune
Aam Mega Yok
9 Mega rune Nhi rune Movis rune
Mega Nhi Movis
Mass paralyze
10 Aam rune Folgora rune Spacium rune
Aam Folgora Spacium
Mass lightning projection
10 Movis rune Comunicatum rune
Movis Comunicatum
Control demon
10 Rhaa rune Tempus rune
Rhaa Tempus
Slow time
10 Mega rune Aam rune Mega rune Yok rune
Mega Aaam Mega Yok
Mass incinerate

Some spells don't appear in your spell book.

  • Aam-Fridd-Taar The freeze analogue of fireball.
  • Aam-Fridd-Spacium The freeze analogue of fire field.
  • Rhaa-Vitae A constant harm field around you.
  • Mega-Spacium Activate portal. This will be taught to you once you start investigating the cult.