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When the game opens, you are surrounded by faceless characters, strange visuals, instructional pop-ups and voices. Hold tight for the moment, as there is nothing for you to do here. When the scene fades, brace for the plot twist. When the exposition is finished, and you regain control of your character, you will begin the tutorial level. During this you learn the controls and some of the more basic maneuvers. Follow the instructions as they are given. When the tutorial is complete, you will begin your mission in earnest.

Solomon's Temple[edit]

The level begins with a short cutscene. During this cutscene and most others throughout the game, "glitches", or random blue text and chemical symbols that streak across the screen, will occur at random intervals. When this occurs, hit any button to see the scene from a different, more cinematic perspective. For Xbox 360 owners, hitting 85% of these unlocks the Hungerer of Knowledge achievement. After the scene, go forward holding the high profile and sprint buttons down at the same time to run across the beams. Climb up the ladder and kill the guard to trigger the next cutscene.

Take the ladder down to meet Robert de Sable. After he talks to you, target him and attempt to assassinate him. You will fail, and he will send you flying through the air into the next room. When you regain control, free run and climb to the exit. Eventually the memory will fast forward and you will be transported to Masyaf.


  • Objective: Talk to Al Mualim

Welcome to Masyaf. Your objective lies in the fortress at the top of the hill. After speaking to the man who greets you, follow any of the paths up the hill to the fortress in the direction of the "Al Mualim" icon on your minimap. You don't have to blend or anything here because Masyaf is your home base and thus the guards are your allies. You'll run into another assassin who warns you that weapons are forbidden within the fortress. Go into the fort, then into the keep and up the stairs to speak to Al Mualim. Watch the cutscene to receive your next objective.

  • Objective: Defend Masyaf

After the memory fast-forward, head down to Masyaf on the trail with your sword drawn. When you see enemies coming your way (use eagle vision if you are unsure), lock on and strike. Continue down the hill to where you started, cutting down enemies as you go. When you reach the bottom, your memory will fast-forward again.

  • Objective: Eliminate the Templars

Move toward the minimap icon and you will be instructed to follow another assassin. Follow him up a set of ladders and then stand on one of the wooden platforms as instructed. Watch the cutscene that follows. When instructed, perform a leap of faith and land in the hay below. Walk toward your hobbled compatriots, and you will be instructed to continue alone. Using the wooden beams, cross the gaps. When you come to a stone wall, climb upward. In the tower above, strike the forward wall to rain death upon the enemy. Watch the cutscenes that follow.


When you exit the Animus, Lucy and Dr. Vidic will walk into the next room to talk. At this point, enter the bedroom area and walk into the bathroom in the rear, following the voices. Below the air vents, press any button to listen in on the conversation. Afterward, return to the main room to talk to Lucy. If you are seeking achievements, talking to her at the end of every chapter unlocks the Conversationalist achievement. When she runs out of things to say, return to the bedroom and hit any button beside the bed to end the chapter.