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This memory block consists of two main objectives: find the traitor in Masyaf and assassinate Tamir in Damascus.


  • Objective: Find the traitor

At the start of Memory Block Two, there will be a cutscene followed by you being stripped of all of your weapons. You will be given a target to investigate. This basically amounts to a tutorial level in which you will practice the techniques of investigation used in all of your later missions.

To begin, head down to the market at the bottom of the hill, toward the Eavesdropping waypoint on your minimap. If you are unsure of your target, use Eagle Vision to locate them. When you have located your target, sit on a nearby bench, lock on and press the head button to listen in. When you are finished, head toward the Pickpocket waypoint on your minimap.

To initiate the Pickpocket investigation, lock on to your target and follow them in Low Profile mode. When you are close enough, "pick pocket" will appear as one of your action selections. Press and hold it while following your target to grab the goods. Make sure that your target does not stop walking while you are reaching for their purse, or they will notice you. Once you have your prize, move to the Interrogation waypoint on your minimap, near the middle of Masyaf village. Your target is the man giving a speech.

Once you locate your target, lock on to him to hear his speech. When it concludes, follow him to the shady area and then beat him senseless. After you land a few punches, he will beg you to stop and then he will confess. For future interrogations, you don't necessarily need to wait until you are in an alcove or under a tree to pummel your target, just be sure that the guards don't see you.

You'll fast forward to a cutscene with Mualim, who will give you a new mission. You will be given your hidden blade and your sword back, as well as your first assassination assignment in the Poor District of Damascus. Head outside, where you'll be asked to "show the students what you know" about combat. These are your instruction tutorials for when you get knew weapons or learn new combat techniques. Press Start button to leave the tutorial at any time. If you stay, you'll learn to deflect, attack and the combo kill. Whenever you leave the tutorial you'll see a list of all the things you can practice, as well as the option to exit. When you're done training, go down to the bottom of the hill and out the front gate of Masyaf. Jump on one of the horses here by walking up to it, and head toward the blinking Kingdom waypoint on your minimap. At the end of the trail, you will enter the Kingdom, essentially the open area between cities.


  • Objective: Head to Damascus

Once you are in the Kingdom, your first task is to climb the first of many View Points in the game. It is the tower in front of you. Ride up to the tower, dismount your horse and climb up. When you reach the top, press the head button to synchronize. This will reveal some of the map, including hiding spots. Within cities, it will reveal the location of nearby Investigations and other points of interest. Perform a leap of faith off of the plank overhanging the side of the tower and land in the hay below. Grab your horse and head off toward Damascus. Be on the lookout for guards. Now that you are in hostile territory, performing high profile actions or approaching guards too closely while not blended will cause them to attack. At this point, it is your option to activate all of the remaining View Points in the Kingdom or look for King Richard flags and Templars in the area. When you're done exploring, head toward the blinking Damascus waypoint on your minimap, avoiding (or killing) soldiers on your way.

Damascus: Poor District[edit]

View Points 9
Citizen Saves 12
Investigations needed 2
  • Objective: Assassinate Tamir

Ride up to the front gate of Damascus. You'll notice that guards aren't as aggressive here as they were in the Kingdom, but they will still attack you if provoked. When you reach the area before the gate, you will be informed of a citizen that needs saving. Dismount and lock on to one of the guards that is harassing the citizen, draw your sword and attack. When the guards are all dead, lock on to the citizen to receive your thanks. In the future, you will need to be anonymous to perform this action, so if you draw a crowd of wandering guards during your attack, you will need to finish them off or blend before talking to the citizen again. Saving citizens is optional, but it provides you with either Vigilantes to slow down guards or Scholars with which to blend in to the area where the citizen was saved. Save all of the citizens in a district to increase your sync bar. In this case, the citizen makes a group of Scholars available. Blend with them if you wish to enter the city without provoking the guards. Unblend when you have passed them.

Once you are inside the city, make your way to the View Point on your map. It helps to go into your map and set a marker on the View Point so you'll be able to know where you're going even if you're not close enough for it to normally show up on your mini-map. The same goes for any other place you want to go in the future, although some, like Informers and Assassination Targets will show up no matter how far away you are. Synchronizing at the top of the first View Point in a city's district will reveal the Assassin's Bureau if you haven't been there before and all other View Points in that district. Each city View Point also reveals the area around it on your map and shows any nearby Investigation icons. In order to progress to Tamir's assassination, you only need to perform two of the Investigation missions before returning to the Assassin's Bureau. All other missions are optional, but will contribute to extending your sync bar. For the completionist, this translates to the same pattern for all cities to follow: scale all View Points in the district and complete all Investigations and Citizen Saves on your map. This will guarantee that you complete each assassination with a full DNA sync.

In this district, most of the View Points are the same: unguarded towers where you just climb up to the top where you'll find a wooden beam you can synchronize from. One exception is the View Point in the southeast that looks like a miniature fort. For this one, you'll need to jump across to it from a roof on the side to begin scaling it. When you get to the round part of the building above, you'll need to circle around to the front to continue up. At the top is one guard, so target him before you climb all the way up, then go after him when his back is turned. The other one that's slightly different is the View Point in the center of the district. For this one, scale the building to the west of it and jump to it from there.


  • Eavesdropping: In the south, locate the two men having a conversation under a shop in the market area, and sit on the bench to the west of them to listen in. You'll receive a map showing where to climb a ladder to get to the beams above the souk.
  • Eavesdropping: Head to the west side of the district and locate the two men having a conversation by the fountain in a large open courtyard where a small crowd is gathered to listen to an orator. Sit on the bench to the southwest and listen in to receive the advice to find allies in the city to help with your escape. This is alluding to the Citizen Saves that will earn you Vigilante friends, and you'll receive a map showing which one will be the most helpful in distracting your pursuers.
  • Interrogation: In the west part of the district, lock on to the man speaking on a nearby platform in this area with two guards flanking him. When his speech concludes, follow him to a nearby alley and pound on him until he talks.
  • Pickpocket: In the north of the district, locate two men having a conversation in an alley here. After he stops and looks around once, approach from behind and grab the letter detailing an order for weapons for 1,000 men.
  • Pickpocket: Locate two men to the east having a conversation near the well in this center of this area. Wait for your mark to leave the well area, then pick his pocket for a map showing where you can gain access to the souk's rooftops.
Console version
  • Eavesdropping: In the southeast, locate the three men having a conversation across from a large building within a fenced in area. The bench is to the southeast of the men. You'll learn that Tamir will be found in his souk.
Windows version
  • Informer: The informer gives you a minute and a half to find the next informer. The second one wants you to escort him out of the city, which involves a fight with two guards.


When you've completed your investigations, return to the Assassin's Bureau to relate the results of your investigation and receive your assassination orders. When the Bureau Leader places the feather on the desk, pick it up to accept your orders. Your memory will fast forward. When you awake, the location of your target will be marked on your map.

Climb out of the Assassin's Bureau and onto the rooftop. The fastest way to get to Tamir is by free running along the rooftops in the direction of the assassination target waypoint on your minimap. When you reach the target area, blend and approach to watch the cutscene. Afterward, Tamir walks around the plaza trying to strongarm the vendors at the various tables. Lock on to him and select your hidden blade, but stay in blend mode until you're ready to strike, or he will become aware of you. Wait until he is at the northern table (the first one he goes to), in order to facilitate your escape. Watch the post-assassination cutscene, and keep your fingers ready to catch any glitches. When the scene ends, the alert bell will be sent up and the guards will attack you on sight.

Using the information you learned during your investigations, climb up the ladder to the top of the platform in the center of the souk. Jump to the hanging platform off the opposite side and then across two more to your right. You'll come to a spot where you can head across the beams down two hallways. Head down the southern hallway, jumping across beams and the candelabra, to the end where you'll swing into a hay cart and can wait for your alert status to go back to clear. Make your way back to the Bureau to receive your debriefing. Afterward you will be told to return to Al Mualim for new orders.


When you awake, talk to Lucy a few times to obtain some information about your situation. Afterwards, walk up to the computer terminal attached to the Animus to read Lucy's email. When you are finished, head back to your room to sleep.