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Head right, avoiding the springs coming out of the pots. When you get to a spot where a spring comes out on either side of a pot, enter that pot (it's the sixth from the left) for a helmet. All other usable pots in this area contain traps. Jump back up and continue to the right. Phase yourself through the crawl space and enter the pot. Grab the gold if you wish, then head left under the barrier. Smash the pot for a red potion, destroy the barrier, and enter the pot. The helmet to the left is a trap, you can't get it and live. Instead jump on top of the vertical barrier and head left for a helmet that's safe to get. Head to the right. You can't kill the legionaries in the pots so don't bother. Use potions to break the barrier then quickly head across.

Watch for falling rocks in this area. Use the springs to reach the top. The left-hand path takes you to the boss, the right-hand one takes you to an exit, skipping the boss entirely. The boss is quite simple. He stomps around causing rocks to fall. Five hits will kill him, but on the third or fourth he'll change strategy, dropping more rocks and from a diagonal. He drops a heart when defeated, which increases your life bar by one. Once you've defeated him head back right and into the exit.


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