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Asterix and the Magic Cauldron is mostly an exploration task, where you try to visit the various locations of the map and locate the pieces of the cauldron. Despite this, there are a few things to note.

The display[edit]

The top of the display shows the following infomration:

  • The ham icon at the top left, showing the amount of wild boars. When Asterix and Obelix get hungry (shown when the icon blinks), one of the boars will be eaten. If there's no food, it will cost a life. You can get extra food by defeating the boars that are in the forest.
  • The cauldron shows the number of cauldron pieces recovered. Asterix needs to collect 7.
  • The potion. Asterix starts with the only potion in the game, and can drink it by pressing fire twice. While the potion is blinking, Asterix is invincible and has extra strength to defeat enemies. This is best used for the arena, where there is a sequence of fights.
  • The key. This item must be first found in one of the locations, and allows opening locked doors.
  • Lives, the number of times Asterix may fall before a game over.
  • The score.

Below these icons is the general location of Asterix and Obelix, helpful for navigation or mapping.


This game was released for three platforms, all of which have different map layouts: