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You pilot the spaceship that starts out in the middle of the screen. You must destroy each asteroid by shooting them into smaller pieces until they disappear. Besides firing, your ship can turn, thrust, and hyperspace.

Upon destroying every asteroid, you advance to the next stage. Saucers occasionally appear and fire bullets at your ship and at the asteroids. You must avoid contact with every asteroid, saucer, or bullet.


Asteroids control panel.png
  • Rotation Buttons (Left and Right): As indicated, these buttons will turn the nozzle of your Ship left or right. These are important buttons to master in assuring accuracy of your Missile file. On home conversion, this is typically assigned to left and right on a joystick.
  • Thrust: This button will move your Ship forward in the direction that your nozzle is pointing. It is important to understand intuitively how Thrust will affect your movement. On home conversions, this is typically assigned to up on a joystick.
  • Fire Button: You can shoot up to four stray Missiles before you run out of fire. When one of those Missiles hits an object or clears the screen, you get additional fire-power. As a general strategy, never be without fire-power. Have a maximum of three Missiles in space at a time. On home conversions, this is typically assigned to a joystick's fire button.
  • Hyperspace: This will enable your Ship to disappear and reappear instantly somewhere else on the screen. One problem: you never know where you'll end up. You may find yourself in a more dangerous situation than you left. Think of Hyperspace in emergency terms only. On home conversions, this is typically assigned to down on a joystick.
  • 1 or 2 Players: Push these buttons to begin a one or two player game.


Spaceship Large Asteroid
Asteroids Spaceship.png

You command this Spaceship through space. You can move anywhere on the screen. You can even move off the screen and reappear on the other side. Spend your initial play time moving your ship around. Don't let it idle in the middle. High scores require adept and practiced movement.

Asteroids Large Asteroid.png

All Asteroids appear on the screen initially large. You must break them up into smaller pieces. The first screen sends forth four large Asteroids. Up to 11 are eventually released on later boards. (Note that only 26 Asteroids are allowed on the screen at one time, so if there are already 26 when a large Asteroid is destroyed, only one medium Asteroid will appear)

Medium Asteroid Small Asteroid
Asteroids Medium Asteroid.png

After hitting a large Asteroid, it breaks into two mid-sized Asteroids. These move faster than the large Asteroids. (Note that only 26 Asteroids are allowed on the screen at one time, so if there are already 26 when a medium Asteroid is destroyed, only one small Asteroid will appear)

Asteroids Small Asteroid.png

After striking a mid-size Asteroid, it splits into two small Asteroids. These are the fastest moving Asteroids of all.

Large Saucer Small Saucer
Asteroids Large Saucer.png

This alien ship always enters from one of the sides--never from the top or bottom. It can fire, but only in random directions. It does not track your Ship.

Asteroids Small Saucer.png

Good strategy means killing as many of these as possible. The small saucer can only enter from the sides, like the large one. It, however, tracks your Ship when firing. It always shoots slightly in front of you or slightly behind you. Treat the small saucer with the respect it deserves.


  • Large Asteroids: 20
  • Medium Asteroids: 50
  • Small Asteroids: 100
  • Large Saucer: 200
  • Small Saucer: 1000