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At the Carnival is normally driven by mouse and keyboard input, and is usually self-evident.

However, there are a few hotkeys that may be used:

MS-DOS Mac OS Action
F1 ⌘1 Scan horizontally (word search only)
F2 ⌘2 Scan vertically (word search only)
F3 ⌘3 Scan diagonally upward (word search only)
F4 ⌘4 Scan diagonally downward (word search only)
F1 ⌘1 All buttons on (XOR masking only)
F2 ⌘2 All buttons off (XOR masking only)
F10 ⌘Z Undo last move
ALT-N ⌘N New game
ALT-L ⌘O Load game
ALT-S ⌘S Save game
ALT-A ⌘A Save game as
ALT-F ⌘F Forward (next puzzle)
ALT-R ⌘R Reverse (previous puzzle)
Menu only ⌘T Toggle sound
N/A ⌘B Restart puzzle
ALT-P ⌘P About (gives progress summary)