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Box artwork for Ataxx.
Developer(s)Leland Corporation
Publisher(s)Leland Corporation
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Board game
ModesMultiplayer (Human or AI)
TwitchAtaxx Channel

Ataxx is a board game released by Leland Corporation.

Two players are each given two pieces that are initially places at the corners of a 7x7 board. The players make alternating turns, either placing a new piece adjacent to a piece under their control, or by jumping a controlled piece a distance of two tiles. After a move, any hostile pieces next to the destination or new piece are captured, and now belong to the player that made the move. Players must move when possible, and if they cannot move, must skip their turn (and are not likely to move on later turns.) The objective is to control the greatest number of pieces on the board.

Although it was never released as a physical product, it can be adapted from other standard board games.