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Arcade Walkthrough[edit]

Access the lower level from this screen for useful items.
Be sure to collect this Red Crystal Gem if you don't have one.
  • In this world, known as the World of Ice, it is important that you collect a particular item, the Red Crystal Gem. Normally, all the Red Crystal Gem does is make it possible for you to see the Ryukaon enemies when they turn invisible. However, on this stage, it plays an important role in helping you collect another key item, Pandora's Box, at the end of the level after you defeat the boss. Without Pandora's Box, you won't be able to defeat the boss of the next world!
  • If you descend down the first vine that you encounter (shown in the image to the left), you will be able to find the Wings of Pegasus in one of the blocks before the wall. On the other side of the wall, you can find a Red Crystal Gem in a block near the top (shown in the image to the right). If you already have a Red Crystal Gem in your possession, you don't need to collect this one, but the wings are certainly useful.
Attack Gryupus from behind.
You must collect Pandora's Box to defeat the next boss.
  • Eventually, the top level of this stage will switch from an outdoor scene to the inside of a cave. Be sure to look for flowers, as many can be found inside the cave to keep Athena's strength up. Other than this change in scenery, there is nothing remarkable about this world that you haven't encountered in previous stages. You should have a strong projectile weapon, and very good defense by this time, so proceed straight to the boss.
  • The boss of this world is an odd looking monster known as Gryupus. It will hover around and spit out a large number of balls the rise to the ceiling and then descend to the floor. Once they land, they will also bounce back up, high enough to hit you if you're standing on the floor, so watch out. It's only vulnerable point is its tail on the bottom. Avoiding the balls it spits out while still attacking the boss can be difficult. However, Gryupus shares the same vulnerability that some of the other bosses have; you can stand behind him and safely attack him without fear of getting hurt. As long as you have the Red Crystal Gem in your possession, you will earn Pandora's Box as part of the reward for defeating the boss. Pandora's Box will replace the Red Crystal Gem in your inventory.

NES Walkthrough[edit]

Athena NES Stage5 MapA.png
  • Unlike other stages in the NES version and the Arcade version, the boss to this world is actually found in the lower level. Therefore, it is a wise idea to drop down the first hole that you come to, and proceed all the way to the end of the stage through the lower level.
Athena NES Stage5 MapB.png
You must break the blocks in this tunnel to proceed.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to collect an extra life in the form of a sailor dress in the middle of the stage. While you may be aware that you need to collect a Bow and arrow to defeat the boss, don't be too hasty unless you can upgrade it to at least the Blue Arrow. You will need a weapon that is capable of breaking through blocks in order to get to the last portion of the stage. You will have the chance to get the weapon you need once you're on the other side.
Athena NES Stage5 MapC.png
This is where you must collect a Bow and arrow.
This boss is only vulnerable to the Bow and arrow.
  • A Bow and arrow will be concealed in a block high up in the ceiling, just before you reach the boss. It is imperative that you find and collect this weapon, as no other weapon will work against the boss. Once you collect it and are properly armed, head directly to the boss. He operates very much like the Arcade version, so the strategy will be entirely similar, except for the required weapon. Get behind him and shoot at him from the right. This will put you in a relatively safe position and allow you to defeat the boss with ease.
Collect all three items in order to escape.
  • Once the boss is defeated, you will earn three items; Pandora's Box, a sailor dress, and a Club. You'll want to collect all three. Pandora's Box is required in order to do damage to the next boss. The Club is needed to help you escape from the world, since the normal Bow and arrow can't break blocks. And the sailor dress is simply a reward that will provide you with one extra life. Gather them up, and proceed to the end of the stage, where you will advance to the next.