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  • Q, A, O and P: In the ZX and CPC versions, you will have to use these four keys to direct Atom Ant up, down, left and right; however, in the C64 version, you will have to use a joystick instead. You can also press F (for the ZX version) or 1 (for the CPC version) to pause the game, and G (in the ZX version) or Esc (in the CPC version) to abort it - however, you should only do the last if you have absolutely no chance of winning it.

Atom Ant[edit]

AA Atom Ant.png

The eponymous protagonist of the game; after the Mayor received the ransom note from Mad Dog Jackson (who led the city's deadliest gang), threatening to blow up some of its most treasured buildings (unless he was paid the sum of $1,000,000!), he called him in to save the city from destruction. He must now find the various time-bombs that have been planted on the buildings and take them up to his "Atomizer" at the top of each one to disarm them - however, he will have to watch out for Mad Dog's hired goons on doing so, as they will cost him a life if they hit him.