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Vignettes are short comic-like forms which Atom Zombie Smasher uses to provide elements of the back story. Most of them the game makes available, one at a time at random, at the beginning of some game months. There are three exceptions to this rule which are always shown at a certain time during a campaign:

  • "Intro" is displayed when a new campaign is launched
  • "Epilogue" appears at the end of a campaign - regardless of who won
  • an unnamed, one-panel vignette is shown after reaching the "Zed Mutates" milestone on the victory track

The table below lists all the vignettes, major characters appearing in them and their plot summaries.

  • Intro / - / a sort-of introduction to the game universe
  • Alive / El Presidente / Spring cleaning at Orbital Command
  • Anything / Adele Deering, "Animal" Smith / Adele and Smith break up
  • Bike / - / A girl on the run from the Zed
  • Bonobo / "Animal" Smith / Smith says the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • Conquer / Adele Deering / The mutiny takes shape
  • Cool / "Animal" Smith / Smith meets his estranged wife
  • Dog / Adele Deering, El Presidente / The mutineers find support in an unexpected place
  • Elephantbird / Asa Willingdon / Asa speaks his mind on the Elephantbird Cannon
  • Glass / Tabajaras / Cdr. Tabajaras shares a meal with his grandparents
  • Grievance / Asa Willingdon / Asa's demeanor after the death of his daughter
  • Idle / Adele Deering / Adele tries to carry on after breaking up with Smith
  • Jeep / "Animal" Smith / In the middle of the Zed war, Smith decides to find Adele again
  • Katana / - / One thing to do when the Zed surround your house
  • Know / Tabajaras / Cdr. Tabajaras' final farewell to his grandparents
  • Lanes / Asa Willingdon / Asa remembers his daughter: the final moments
  • Lion / El Presidente / A coup d'etat is attempted
  • Manifesto / Adele Deering, Asa Willingdon, Tabajaras / The mutiny officially begins
  • Math / Adele Deering / A glimpse of Adele's student days
  • Morning / Adele Deering, "Animal" Smith / Adele and Smith meet
  • Nugget / Asa Willingdon / Asa remembers his daughter: at a restaurant
  • Orange / "Animal" Smith / While flying, Smith spills his orange juice
  • Peachie / Tabajaras / Young Tabajaras shaves his cat
  • Pigeons / Tabajaras / How Tabajaras raised pigeons as a child
  • Retribution / Adele Deering, Asa Willingdon / The mutiny's reached Orbital Command
  • Robots / Tabajaras / Killer robots attack Cdr. Tabajaras' grandparents
  • Speech / Asa Willingdon / Asa's first presidential radio address
  • Torch / Asa Willingdon, El Presidente / Asa is named successor
  • Trip / Asa Willingdon / Asa remembers his daughter: after a fight between parents
  • (unnamed)/Super Zombie / Mega Zed / A new species of Zed is publicly acknowledged
  • Epilogue / Adele Deering, "Animal" Smith, Asa Willingdon, Tabajaras / A glimpse on Nuevos Aires of post-Zed time