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This is the first game in the Atomaders series. For other games in the series see the Atomaders category.

Box artwork for Atomaders.
Developer(s)KraiSoft Entertainment
Publisher(s)KraiSoft Entertainment
Year released2002
ModesSingle player
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Atomaders is the first of the two games in the series, it is a top-down vertical space shooting game made by KraiSoft Entertainment which was initially released in 2002, the game has an old-school arcade graphics, it features 5 planets the player must free from cyborg invasions contained in 2 Campaign chapters, the game also features many extra weapons the player can obtain from various cyborgs, 5 bosses to fight which has different attack patterns, a number of power-ups that could affect the player's experience, as well as the Worldwide Hall of Fame, in which the player can submit their highscores into after registering for the game.

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