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Region Official Name Website(s) Language Countries Local publishers Registration Requirements
South Korea 오디션

Club Audition

Korean Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Bugs Corp. (2005 - October 23, 2008), Yedang Online, and HanbitON A Korean Registration Number is required to play.
Japan X-BEAT Japanese Flag of Japan.svg Japan Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. No Registration Requirements
China 劲舞团 Simplified Chinese Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China Chinese Identification Number is required.
Philippines Dance Battle Audition Philippines English Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines IP E-Games Ventures, Inc. No Registration Requirements
South East Asia AuditionSEA English Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore,
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand
AsiaSoft Online Pte, Ltd. A National ID (Identification Card) of any country is required.
Thailand Audition Online Dance Battle Thai Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Asiasoft Corporation Co., Ltd. Thailand identification number is required
Vietnam Nhịp điệu cuộc sống Vietnamese Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam VTC - Game Online No Registration Requirements as of 9/12/06.
Taiwan 勁舞團 Traditional Chinese Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan Insrea Game Center Corporation Taiwanese Identification Number is required.
Hong Kong 勁舞團 Traditional Chinese Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong and Gameone Hong Kong Identity Card Number is required.
North America Online Dance Battle Audition English Flag of the United States.svg United States
Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico
Central America
Redbana US Corp. No Registration Requirements
Latin America Dance Mania Audition Spanish South America
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico
Central America
Axeso5 No Registration Requirements
Indonesia Audition AyoDance Indonesian Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia PT Megaxus Infotech No Registration Requirements
Brazil Audition Online Dance Battle Brazilian Portuguese Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Kaizen Games No Registration Requirements
Europe Audition Europe English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Flag of the European Union.svg Europe Burda:ic GmbH (alaplaya) No Registration Requirements