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Game Controls[edit]

Input Usage
PC Mouse.png Navigate menus.
or num pad 4 Left arrow.
or num pad 6 Right arrow.
 ↑  or num pad 8 Up arrow.
 ↓  or num pad 2 Down arrow.
Home or num pad 7 Up-left arrow.
PgUp or num pad 9 Up-right arrow.
End or num pad 1 Down-left arrow.
PgDn or num pad 3 Down-right arrow.
space Enter input.
delete Enable/disable chance mode if available.
insert or num pad 0 Switches between 4 and 8 direction moves during freestyle dance modes; Activates Team Move in B-Boy Battle; Activates HIT during a Union Battle Party round.
F1 Toggle ready status (only in game rooms).
Ctrl+S Change volume settings.
Ctrl+Q Leave the dance room.
F2 CAMERA ANGLE SELECTION (dynamic/static) during dance battle

Input Commands[edit]

To input a command, type it where you normally would send a message to other users and then press Enter. Note that the characters in the commands are not case sensitive.

Input Usage
/to Nickname Send a private message to the specified nickname.
/w Nickname Send a private message to the specified nickname.
/bla Disable all private messages from reaching you.
/wla Enable receiving of all private messages.
/bl Nickname Add the specified nickname to your ignore list. They will be unable to send you private messages.
/wl Nickname Remove the specified nickname from your ignore list. You will be able to receive messages from that user.
/invon Enable the message receiving function.
/invoff Disable the message receiving function.
/go RoomNumber Directly go to the specified room number.