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Audition has its own library of exclusive songs composed and performed by various independent artists, in addition, to each region, songs performed and signed by popular official artists.

Title Author BPM
Sweetie Audition 115
Euro 2005 Audition 138
Destiny Audition 132
Digital Soul Audition 102
Funky Town Audition 130
Elec Bossa Audition 123
Canon Groove Audition 105
Get On The Floor Audition 140
B Soul Funk Audition 104
3254 Techno Party Audition 142
Heavy Metal Syndrome Audition 145
Dream Machine Audition 125
1,2 Fiesta Audition 136
Queen of Dancing Audition 135
Yo! DJ! Audition 135
You Audition 136
You’re Already Gone Audition 150
Party Party Audition 130
No Space Audition 138
It’s On 2XL 84
Magic City 2XL 81
Better Than Nothin’ Admiral Twin 142
Major C All Good Funk Alliance 101
Chewing Gum Annie 107
Communication Armin Van Burren 135
Bleep Squad Audioandroid 130
Motion Don’t Stop Audioandroid 125
Music Please B.Dastardly 124
Holiday Britt Nicole 96
Good Day Britt Nicole 132
Merrymaking At My Place Calvin Harris 114
The Creeps (Fedde Le Grande Mix) Camille Jones 126
Olympus Strip Casey/Tanks 128
Poppin' Chris Brown 123
Needy Girl Chromeo 122
Work It Out Chucho Merchan 95
Boomrider Cortez 130
Upz ‘n’ Downz Cortez 130
Brand New Kicks Crystal Method 135
Number One Custom Kings 107
Bandulu Bly Da Digger 119
Supa Powa Da Digger 95
Lairy Dust Daddy P/Spike T/Da Digger 109
Mamasita (vox) Daddy P/Spike T/Da Digger 100
Kookie Dough Dred & I 115
Been Around the World Extreme 127
Just Another Day Extreme 106
Keep Vibin' Extreme 140
Maybe Young Extreme 90
Morphine Queen Extreme 100
Sweet Heat Extreme 89
Telephone Lover Extreme 89
No Harm Done Extreme Music 112
Jump Around (VOX) Extreme Music 131
Keep On Fannypack 102
Dirty Tweekend Freebie & The Bean 121
Jammy Ring Freebie & The Bean 130
Large in Charge Freebie & The Bean 130
Pure Roots Freebie & The Bean 140
Large Helix 174
Here (In Your Arms) HelloGoodbye 126
With Love Hillary Duff 122
Frequential Circuit Ipso Factoid 130
Club Asia Jason Creasey 130
Get On Up Jason Creasey 130
Let’s Go Jason Creasey 128
Do It Well Jennifer Lopez 108
Right From My Heart Johan Gielen Relevations 130
Jump to the Rhythm Jordan Pruitt 108
Headturner Joss Stone 103
Yesterdays Junkie XL 115
5th of May Kemo The Blaxican 99
Anymore Kully B 150
Livin Life to the Full Kully B 110
Everybody Kully B/Gussy G 133
Decks X-Press Kully B/Gussy G 130
Juky-Jam Kully B/Gussy G 100
Kinpuppalick Kully B/Gussy G 101
Rude 4 Thought Kully B/Gussy G 124
Reel 2 Reel Kully B/Gussy G 97
Rising Up (Radio Edit) Leah Discroll 133
The Sweat Descends Les Savy Fav 148
Maybe Young Macintosh & Charles 90
Never Never Macintosh & Charles 92
Problems Move.Meant 121
Single Natasha Bedingfield 84
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 119
Same Old Situation Nick Nolan 116
Chump Oh No 97
Crazy Ostrich Head 116
Hustle Beach PAPA J 128
Broken Wing Qwel & Maker 91
Buzzin Shwayze 93
Generation Y (We Got It) Shy Child 105
Goldiggah Slow Train Soul 122
Bite Me The Crow 95
Musica de Amor Ozomatli (Remix) The Latin Project 110
Plug ‘n’ Play The Scammers 130
The Beat The Sounds Tony 130
Hustla Busta Thumpin’ Vinyl 138
We Win (Ha Ha) Thunderbirds are Now! 180
Lethal Industry Tiesto 135
Sunshine Triple J 170
Who Want What T-Weaponz Feat. Noelle 101
2 Step Unk 154
Walk It Out Unk 80
Let’s Dance Vanessa Hudgens 130
You Got Me VHS Or Beta 126
These Are The Day Walther PPK ??