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Start of stage[edit]

The first wave of shows conststs of several groups of craft coming from the top.

After the first wave, you will be surrounded by a wave of ships. These are easily destroyed with the round vulcan. This will only occur three times at most. This is then followed by two ships, which resist both your Straight Laser and Round Vulcan (although aren't fully immune to them). The third weapon can destroy them easily.

The cloud cover will bring you to a set of floating rocks. These are lethal when contacted, instantly destroying the ship. Aside from the ones that fire lasers, they are also indestructible. The ones that shoot lasers will break into smaller rocks which may be destroyed.

Mid-stage boss[edit]

Mid stage boss

After clearing the floating rocks. you will encounter the first large enemy. It has a set of three attacks:

  • Fires a spread of five bullets.
  • Fires three lasers forward, with the advance warning of a small glow.
  • Fires a large volley of slow missiles in three waves, before sinking below the cloud cover.

There is no fixed pattern for the attack. However, it will raise above and below the clouds, giving a small resting period before it resurfaces.

Part 2[edit]

After destroying the boss, you will encounter regular ships again.

In this set of floating rocks, you will notice a purple web-like construction between a small gap. If you need to go through them, they are best destroyed using the straight laser, where you can simply hold still (as long as you aren't attacked by another enemy.)

Near the end of the stage, the rocks will force a hard right turn as you fly through them. There are mines in this set, but if you keep moving left or right, the bullets should miss. The rock formation then forces a hard left turn.


A giant enemy spider

The boss is a giant enemy spider, and is damaged by attacking the center.

It has three attacks:

  • Creates a forward web. This web doesn't damage the ship, but slows you down. However, it will immediately charge and attack, consisting of only two small shots. Dodge to the side if possible.
  • Releases four miniature spiders. After travelling a short distance, all four will fire two shots at the ship, before continuing.
  • When the front is destroyed, it can no longer fire the web. Instead, the core will begin to fire individual bullets, and will release the spiders more frequently.