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Outer space[edit]

You will fly a short distance outside. There will be a few enemies that attack, but none pose a significant threat that you can't deal with.

Space station[edit]

When you approach the space station, the automatic doors will begin to open. However, fly through them quickly, because they will close shortly after.

The first room of the station has ceiling and floor turrets, which are destroyed with either the round vulcan or explosion bomb.

There are a few notable enemies:

  • One enemy will launch a chain between two points, and move back and forth along the chain. Although intimidating, it does not block movement.
  • One enemy appears to be a small box, but will quickly expand its arms. It is best attacked from the upper left with the Explosion Bomb, which destroys the upper left arm and gives easier access to the middle section.


A huge walking mecha.

On approach to the boss, you will see a set of objects holding up the upper wall. while the left can be destroyed without issue, it will begin to fall once you destroy the right-hand set.

The enemy will be a large walker with a found mounted minigun. It will not become vulnerable to attack until the screen locks position. It can only be damaged when you hit the core, which is behind armor plating. As such, you will have to fire around it (e.g. at an angle, or using the Round vulcan from behind), or try using the explosion bomb when it is moving forward.

  • It fires its minigun. When the screen stops scrolling, it will also try to aim upward, allowing you to hit the core more easily.
  • It fires an arc of bullets from its back joint.
  • It moves either forward or backward. While moving forward, it will be vulnerable to the Explosion Bomb, or can be attacked from behind with the Round Vulcan. Note that it can pin you down in the bottom corner.
  • When low on health or when its minigun is destroyed, it will fire a beam, and try to aim it upward or downward. Note that if it tries pushing you down, you need to avoid both the beam and the mech itself.