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This stage occurs on a lava-based planet.

The first portion of the stage is easy. There is a standard set of enemy ships, lava worms, and surface-to-air lava jets that attack.

After the first set of structures are two enemies that attack from behind, and have orbiting rocks. They are easily defeated by using the cluster bomb early.


The boss uses the following attacks:

  • It will shift its hands forward and back.
  • It will pull one of its hands back, before thrusting it forward. This will cause lava debris to shoot out.
  • It will pull its hands towards its face. A few seconds later, it will shoot a fire beam. This is dodged if you keep moving before it fires. The beam will also move towards you, thus you should keep moving farther.

To destroy it, aim for the chest. It will gradually reveal its weak point. If it takes enough damage, it will recoil slightly in shock before dying.