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On approach to the destination, you will encounter a large armada. The battleships will approach one at a time, and have a large number of turrets that will fire at you. They have two weak points on the top - if they are both hit, all turrets on that given ship are destroyed.

The red-colored ship will be the last in the armada. After that ship, it will be followed by a few waves of smaller vessels in a V formation. They are best dealt with the Cluster Bomb, as it can wipe out the entire formation if you remain near the top of the screen.


After defating the small waves, you will enter the station. There is a small walker that moves backwards, casting a light on you, and shooting some bullets. It is not much of a threat, since it's bullets will miss by flying behind you. The main threat is from a few other enemies that may pass, as well as closing doors that require you to be near the midpoint of the screen to pass safely.