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BS F-Zero Grand Prix
Box artwork for BS F-Zero Grand Prix.
Developer(s)Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s)Nintendo, St. GIGA
Release date(s)
Satellaview icon.png
Genre(s)Futuristic Racing
Mode(s)Single player, Online Leaderboards
Preceded byF-Zero
Followed byBS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
TwitchBS F-Zero Grand Prix Channel
YouTube GamingBS F-Zero Grand Prix Channel

BS F-Zero Grand Prix is a Satellaview-exclusive remix of F-Zero. It does not feature multiplayer directly; players race against computer opponents, and, if they win, their score is submitted to the BS-X scoreboards.

The game plays differently to its follow-up BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. First the player watches a demo of part of the course. They then get to choose a racer and practice on a simplified version of that course (some traps and obstacles are removed) with a ghost car showing the best route. Once they have watched and practised all tracks the League starts over again, this time with obstacles and computer opponents.

Table of Contents

Getting Started