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Before the dungeon[edit]

As soon as you start the game, you automatically walk into the cave. There, you receive the Wooden Sword BS Zelda Wooden Sword.png.

Unlike the original Legend of Zelda, there are no relevant items that can be collected at the beginning of the game. Therefore, head straight for the dungeon: walk one screen North, continue West until you get to a river, then follow the river northwards and the lake coastline until you get to a bridge. Across that bridge is the first dungeon.

BSZelda M1 00-10.png

Early on the Old Man sends you a message and grants you a bonus. The Wooden Sword will shoot beams until 00:15. Furthermore, the Old Man will cast a lightning spell at 00:18, thus erasing all enemies on the current screen.

Dungeon 1[edit]

1. Compass BS Zelda Compass.png

Head west. Kill the enemies and grab the Compass.

2. Hint

Go through the door and kill the Stalfos (one carries a Key). Continue further west until you meet the Old Man. He gives you the following hint: "Arrows cost money to use".

3. Map BS Zelda Map.png

Now head back to the entrance. This time go north. Kill the snakes to get another Key, then unlock the door and head north. Kill the Stalfos and unlock the door with the key you got earlier. In here grab the Map and kill the enemies to open the door. Head west.

4. Bow BS Zelda Bow.png

Kill the enemies and head west. This room has some spike traps. Walk forwards and then backtrack to make the spikes hit, then dash across while they are reversing. Push the western corner of the diamond aside and go down the stairs. Grab the Bow and head back upstairs.

5. Heart Container BS Zelda Heart Container.png and Triforce piece BS Zelda Triforce.png

Now go east one room, then north. Kill the enemies and grab the Key BS Zelda Key.png, then head west. Kill the enemies in order to make the lone block pushable; use it to open the door. In the next room kill the enemies and use a key on the door. In the next room are some Stalfos (one carries a Key BS Zelda Key.png). Use this key on the door to the north, then head north again.

In this area kill the enemies to get some Bombs BS Zelda Bomb.png. Head east. This room contains a door and a Key BS Zelda Key.png, but also some Wall Masters LOZ1 Wallmaster.png (if they catch you they will hurt you and drag you back to the entrance of the dungeon). Kill them if you wish, and then use the key on the locked door.

You'll now fight your first boss, Aquamentus LOZ1 Aquamentus.png. Aquamentus spits three fireballs at a time that arc outwards. You can use either your bombs or your sword beams (if you still have full health), or else time your movements in-between the fireball blasts. Once Aquamentus is defeated collect the Heart Container BS Zelda Heart Container.png, go into the next room for your first Triforce piece BS Zelda Triforce.png, and this dungeon is done.