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Before dungeon 3[edit]

At the beginning of each broadcast you start from the same "starting screen", where you automatically are given the Wooden Sword and all the items you collected by the end of the previous episode.

Theoretically, if you have enough Rupees you could purchase now a Magic Shield for 130 R or 90 R and a Blue Ring for 250 R. Actually, if you clear the third dungeon quickly enough, you will be able to purchase such items for half their price.

From the starting screen, go one screen north and one west. Enter the shop and buy a Blue Candle File:BS Zelda Blue Candle.png. Continue west, cross the river and use the candle to burn down the bushes. Continue west two screens, then south and back north in the same screen, where you can collect the second extra Heart Container .

From the location of the Heart Container, go south two screens, then east one, and enter the third dungeon.

Dungeon 3[edit]

1. Compass

Go north. Defeat the enemies in the two rooms and get two keys. In the next room you can collect the Compass.

2. Raft

Continue north. When you defeat all the enemies, some bombs will appear: therefore, blast the northern wall. In the next room, use a key and continue further north. In the next room, get to the stairs, where you can collect the Raft.

3. Map

Get back to the room right north from the entrance room. Go east, south and east again. Collect the Rupees and use a bomb on the northern wall. Collect the key on the other side. Backtrack one room south, one west and one north. Continue east two rooms, using a key. Defeat all the enemies and collect the Map.

4. Magic Boomerang File:BS Zelda Magic Boomerang.png

From the map room, go south and defeat all enemies. Collect the Magic Boomerang that appears in a corner.

5. Hint

Continue all the way north. A blocked door will open if you push one block after you defeat all enemies in the room. In the next room, the Old Man gives you the following hint: "I hear growling coming from the next room".

6. Heart Container and Triforce piece

Following the Old Man's hint, blast the east wall and get through the passage. Get down the stairs and emerge in a new room. Defeat the enemies and push a block to open the door. Use a key and open the next door.

Manhandla has four heads, and it gets faster every time you defeat one. If you are lucky, you can defeat it quickly using the bombs. Once Manhandla is defeated, collect its Heart Container and the Triforce in the next room.

When you emerge from the dungeon, it is time for some serious shopping, as planned at the beginning of this page.