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Before dungeon 6[edit]

Make your way back to the starting screen (to achieve this quickly, simply die anywhere on the overworld).

From the starting screen, head east, north, then east. If it's 2:35 or later you should see a stone panel with an ocarina symbol on it. If it's not 2:35, or it isn't there, you can force it to appear by using 7FFFFF23. As soon as you enter this code a waiting message appears onscreen. When it finishes you should see the ocarina tile on the ground. Stand on the tile and play the ocarina. The dungeon entrance will appear. Head on into #Dungeon 6. Once inside turn the ocarina panel cheat off, as otherwise the waiting message will keep looping.

Dungeon 6[edit]

Turn the ocarina panel cheat off if you haven't already, as otherwise the waiting message will keep looping.

Head north. Use the Ladder to grab the blue Rupees, then continue north and use the Candle to light the room. The skull enemies in this room can disable your ability to use your sword, so do your best to avoid them and head north (if they touch you you'll have to drink a potion). Kill the snakes, grab the blue Rupees and head north. Light the room and head north (kill the Like-Likes if you want some Bombs ). Head north again to fight Digdogger. Simply play the Ocarina to break it up into three smaller versions of itself, then kill the smaller bits. Bomb the eastern face and go through to find a Key . Head south. Defeat the enemies again, but this time push the left-hand block to open the eastern door.

Play the Ocarina to kill the Pols Voices and grab the Map . Head east and grab the Key , then return. Head north. Grab the Bombs and then walk north through the face. Head down the stairs and grab the Wand . This weapon shoots magic beams like those of the Wizzrobes, can be used when skulls have disabled your sword, and doesn't require you to have full health. Head south and unlock the door.

Head back upstairs and go south, south, west, south, and east. Play the Ocarina to kill the Pols Voices, then grab the Compass and bomb the eastern face. Kill the miniboss here for four blue Rupees, then head south (or north if you need healing). Grab the eight blue Rupees and head east. Play the Ocarina to kill the Pols Voices, then make your way to the southern door and through the basement. Unlock the door and head north. Play the Ocarina to kill the Pols Voices, then continue north to fight Gohma.

Gohma moves around like a crab while shooting fireballs. Simply change to your Bow and shoot its eye when open to kill it. Collect the Heart Container and Triforce piece and you can leave the dungeon.