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Permanent Cheat Items
If the S-RAM updates itself while you have an item cheat enabled, you may be left with that item even without the cheat. However this does not cause any problems when you get the item legally from a chest; the chest usually contains a Blue Rupee instead.

Clock-adjustment codes[edit]

This changes the timer memory address, but has to be disabled before time can resume. In order to keep your new time but progrss from there without it reverting you must make a savestate, disable cheats, and then load the savestate.

7FFFFFxx Change the clock's value in minutes [1][2]
add this to the list; change the "New Value" numbers to the exact minute you want. You can wind the clock both backwards and forwards.

After application make a savestate, then disable cheats and load it. If you do not save and load the clock will revert, and if you do not disable it then the game clock will be frozen at that time forever.

You have to save and load because the whole idea of a patch code is that it freezes an address at a certain value, such as for infinite health/ammo/etc., and when disabled restores the original value.
Whereas for this to work you need it to stay at that value but move on from there as it normally would! this does not disrupt the flow of the game very significantly if you prefer continuous S-RAM-only play rather than savestates.
7FFFF900 this changes the hour. Completely useless thus far. It may at some point allow week-changing, but until then is useless.

Note that some events will suddenly occur if they happened before that minute that you just applied. For example 18:52 gives you the max. heart containers that you normally get given at 18:48. However changing to a time just after a change in the weather will NOT make that weather occur. It varies a fair bit!

Weapons and Items[edit]

7EF35901 Level 1 Sword [3][2]
7EF35902 Level 2 Sword [3][2]
7EF35903 Level 3 Sword [3][2]
7EF35904 Level 4 Sword [3][2]
7EF35A01 Level 1 Shield [3][2]
7EF35A02 Flame Shield
7EF35A03 Mirror Shield
7EF35B00 Green Mail [4]
7EF35B01 Blue Mail [3]
7EF35B02 Red Mail [3]
7EF34001 Bow [5][3]
7EF34003 Bow & Silver Arrows [5][3]
7EF34101 Boomerang [5][3]
7EF34102 Magical Boomerang [5][3]
7EF34601 Magic Hammer [3]
7EF34701 Mushroom [3]
7EF34702 Magic Powder [3]
7EF34801 Hookshot [3]
7EF34901 Shovel [3]
WARNING: applying this cheat gives you the Shovel FOREVER! That means you can't get the map mark for that Piece of Heart each Week!
7EF35701 Book of Mudora (unsure what this does but it does NOT translate!) [2][3]
7EF34A01 Magic Cape [3]
7EF34B01 Cane of Somaria [5][3]
7EF34C01 Fire Rod [5][3]
7EF34D01 Ice Rod [5][3]
7EF35401 Worn-Out Glove [3][2]
7EF35402 Power Glove [3][2]
7EF35403 Titan's Mitt [3][2]
7EF35601 Zora's Flippers [3]
7EF37BFF Pegasus Boots [2][3]
This cheat only allows running; to make the icon show up, use 7EF35501 in addition to this.
7EF37CFF Gives 8 Stone Tablets [3]
Change the value with hex gives different amounts of them

Special Effects[edit]

These are codes which drastically change gameplay elements.

7E007940 Sword is always charged (for spin attacks) [3]
7E005501 Always Invisible [3]
7E02E001 Turn into bunny [3]
7EF3CE01 Zelda follows you [3]
7EF36BFF Have All Dungeon Maps [6]
7EF367FF Have All Dungeon Compasses [4]
7EF367FF Have All Big Keys [3]
7E045A03 All darkened rooms are lit [3]
7E0DAD23 Cuccos Attack You [6]
Go to the chicken coop area in Kakariko. With this code active the cuccos will attack you without mercy whenever you go near the two cuccos on the ground there.[1]


These six codes will instantly give you 99,999 rupees. You must use all six at once. If you use only the first three then the rupees will count up to that amount instead of instantly reaching it. This will take a long time, even in turbo mode.

7EF3609F Infinite Rupees ×99999 (1 of 6) [6]
7EF36186 Infinite Rupees ×99999 (2 of 6) [6]
7EF36201 Infinite Rupees ×99999 (3 of 6) [6]
7EF3639F Infinite Rupees ×99999 (4 of 6) [4]
7EF36486 Infinite Rupees ×99999 (5 of 6) [4]
7EF36501 Infinite Rupees ×99999 (6 of 6) [4]

Bottles and Bottle Contents[edit]

This is a work in progress... WARNING: these codes may WRECK YOUR S-RAM FILE!!! If you are going to do any of these you should probably make a savestate first. I've already found some AWESOME stuff just be replacing hex values in those first two spots (see bottle code below)

7EF35C06 Fairy [3]
7EF35C07 Bee [3]
7EF35C08 Good/Golden Bees [3]
7EF35C09 Gold Potion [3]
7EF35C03 Red Potion [3]
7EF35C04 Green Potion [3]
7EF35C05 Blue Potion [3]
7EF34E08 Summon Gold Bees [1]
This code takes and repays 230 rupees for a Bee every time you activate the empty bottle, but you can repeat it 15 times to have a whole swarm of attack bees. Note that if the time is close to when fairies will spawn on the screen you will instead summon fairies.


These codes will make bottles appear and work. Note that there are separate codes for the icon and the bottle's actual contents.

7EF34E01 Bottle #1 icon (empty)
7EF35D02 2nd Bottle [3]
7EF35E02 3rd Bottle [3]
7EF35F02 4th Bottle [3]
7EF35Cxx Bottle #1 contents [4]
7EF35Dxx Bottle #2 contents [4]
7EF35Exx Bottle #3 contents [4]
7EF35Fxx Bottle #4 contents [4]

Replace xx with...:

  • 02 - empty bottle
  • 03 - red potion
  • 04 - green potion
  • 05 - blue potion
  • 06 - Fairy
  • 07 - bee
  • 08 - good bee

Pieces of Heart and Heart Containers[edit]

7EF36E08 Hearts x1 [6]
7EF36E10 Hearts x2 [6]
7EF36E18 Hearts x3 [6]
7EF36E20 Hearts x4 [6]
7EF36E28 Hearts x5 [6]
7EF36E30 Hearts x6 [6]
7EF36E38 Hearts x7 [6]
7EF36E40 Hearts x8 [6]
7EF36E48 Hearts x9 [6]
7EF36E50 Hearts x10 [6]
7EF36E58 Hearts x11 [6]
7EF36E60 Hearts x12 [6]
7EF36E68 Hearts x13 [6]
7EF36E70 Hearts x14 [6]
7EF36E78 Hearts x15 [6]
7EF36E80 Hearts x16 [6]
7EF36E88 Hearts x17 [6]
7EF36E90 Hearts x18 [6]
7EF36E98 Hearts x19 [6]
7EF36EA0 Hearts x20 [6]

Health and Invincibility[edit]

7EF36F9F This changes how many hearts you have and is not related to how many heart containers you have. With this code you will have your health locked at 18 while the cheat is active. You can choose how many hearts you have by changing the last 2 digits of the code. About every fourth number gives one more heart.
7EF374FF another heart code that doesn't give over hearts
87F57ECF invincible from enemy hit [4]
Fully invulnerable unless the enemy can take out all your hearts in one hit (which is unlikely) and falling into pits will still give damage. It's a PAR code, but it changes actual in game code instead of locking your health value.
7E031F01 Full Invincibility [6]

Invincibility on a per-heart basis[edit]

7EF36F08 Health x1 [6]
7EF36F10 Health x2 [6]
7EF36F18 Health x3 [6]
7EF36F20 Health x4 [6]
7EF36F28 Health x5 [6]
7EF36F30 Health x6 [6]
7EF36F38 Health x7 [6]
7EF36F40 Health x8 [6]
7EF36F48 Health x9 [6]
7EF36F50 Health x10 [6]
7EF36F58 Health x11 [6]
7EF36F60 Health x12 [6]
7EF36F68 Health x13 [6]
7EF36F70 Health x14 [6]
7EF36F78 Health x15 [6]
7EF36F80 Health x16 [6]
7EF36F88 Health x17 [6]
7EF36F90 Health x18 [6]
7EF36F98 Health x19 [6]
7EF36FA0 Health x20 [6]


7EF360FF 255 Rupees [3]
Write the number of rupees in hex decimals instead of FF)
7EF361FF Gives full rupees? (Takes too long to check) [3]
7EF3710x Gives x keys [3]
Write the number of keys in hex instead of x. Max is 9. Leave this cheat enabled to have unlimited.
7EF379xx Gives full arrows [3]
Write the number of arrows in hex instead of FF. Leave this cheat enabled to have unlimited.
7EF342FF Full Bombs [3]
Write the number of bombs you want in hex decimals instead of FF. Leave the cheat enabled to have unlimited.
7EF37080 Gives full magic meter [3]
7EF37D01 Gives ½ Magic meter [3]