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Name Location Description
BS Zelda AST item Big Bag.png Big Bag Each Week This miraculous bag of holding is the first item you receive upon arrival in Hyrule, and is the most useful. Throughout your adventure you'll be handed several of these, each packed with goodies.
Zelda ALttP item L-1 Sword.png L-1 Sword Dungeon 1 This sword deals a terribly low amount of damage, so you'll need to upgrade if you're to face the tougher enemies of the later Weeks.
BS Zelda AST item L-2 Sword.png Tempered Sword Smithy, Rental The twin smiths will be glad to renew your sword for you... but only when they're both around to do it.
BS Zelda AST item L-3 Sword.png L-3 Sword Dungeon 5, Rental Shop Red and deadly.
BS Zelda AST item L-4 Sword.png The Master Sword Master Sword Grotto, Rental The sacred blade left in Hyrule by Link when he went off adventuring. Deals a good amount of damage, and the only way to break through certain barriers. You can't face Ganon without it.
BS Zelda AST item Shovel.png Shovel Rental Shop With a shovel you can dig for treasure. It also allows you to find one hidden Piece of Heart in each week's gameplay area, but you have to rent it once from each of the four shops to achieve this.
BS Zelda AST item Tablet.png Tablet Dungeons 1-8 The eight titular Ancient Stone Tablets are the ultimate treasures you seek to collect each week; once collected you can unlock the monolith and attempt to deal the death-blow to the Embodiment of Evil.
Zelda ALttP item Small Key.png Small Key Dungeons 1-8 This is used to open locked doors.
Zelda ALttP item Big Key.png Big Key Dungeons 1-8 This item is a master key allowing you to unlock specific doors in a dungeon that a Small Key cannot.
Zelda ALttP item Map.png Map Dungeons 1-8 Allows you to see the rest of the dungeon mapped out, even the rooms you haven't visited yet.
Zelda ALttP item Compass.png Compass Dungeons 1-8 The Compass is used to show the exact room the dungeon's boss is in. Pretty much useless without a Map.
Zelda ALttP item Piece of Heart.png Piece of Heart Everywhere The mysterious Piece of Heart will allow you to increase your number of hearts, but you'll need to find a set of four before this item is of any use to you.
Zelda ALttP item Heart Container.png Heart Container Dungeons 1-8, Piece of Heart ×4 This item allows you to instantly add another heart to your health. Collecting four Pieces of Heart will also make a complete Heart Contaniner.
Zelda ALttP item Bow.png Bow Dungeon 1 The bow shoots arrows.
Zelda ALttP item Silver Arrows.png Silver Arrows The Final Battle The Silver Arrows are the item necessary to destroy Ganon. Without silver arrows to seal his fate he will merely regenerate his health and be unbeatable.
Zelda ALttP item Ice Rod.png Ice Rod Dungeon 8 The Ice Rod allows you to freeze enemies or bosses.
Zelda ALttP item Fire Rod.png Fire Rod Dungeon 6 The Fire Rod burns things.
Zelda ALttP item Magic Boomerang.png Boomerang Dungeon 2 The Boomerang is useful for stunning strong enemies, instantly killing weaker ones, and collecting items from afar.
Zelda ALttP item Hookshot.png Hookshot Dungeon 4 The Hookshot is useful for stunning strong enemies, instantly killing weaker ones, and collecting items from afar.
Zelda ALttP item Bombs.png Bombs Everywhere Bombs damage enemies and open new paths…but don't get too close!
Zelda ALttP item Small Shield.png Small Shield Dungeon 1 This shield is small and basic, and can only deflect a few types of attacks.
Zelda ALttP item Fire Shield.png Fire Shield Dungeon 4 This shield can deflect a few more types of attacks.
Zelda ALttP item Mirror Shield.png Mirror Shield Dungeon 8 The overall best shield, the Mirror Shield can deflect anything shot at Link as long as he is facing the attack when it happens.
Zelda ALttP item Green Mail.png Green Mail The Beginning Has a defense rating of 1. You have this at the start.
Zelda ALttP item Blue Mail.png Blue Mail Dungeon 3 Raises defense from 1 to 2.
Zelda ALttP item Red Mail.png Red Mail Dungeon 6 Raises defense from 2 to 4.
BS Zelda AST item Worn-out Glove.png Worn-Out Glove Week 3 The Worn-out Glove allows you to lift light-grey rocks, but only one per screen.
Zelda ALttP item Power Glove.png Power Glove Dungeon 5 The Power Glove allows you to lift light-grey rocks.
Zelda ALttP item Titan's Mitt.png Titan's Mitt Dungeon 7 The Titan's Mitt allows you to lift dark-grey rocks.
Zelda ALttP item Pegasus Boots.png Pegasus Boots Dungeon 1 These are very useful for breaking into many secrets throughout the game world.
Zelda ALttP item Magic Cape.png Magic Cape Cheats This item was seemingly cut from the game during development. Its icon fills the final space in the icon screen. It makes the Hero of Light fully invisible, although it does this at the cost of around one portion of the unhalved magic meter per second. The cheat to add it is 7EF34A01.
Zelda ALttP item Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria Dungeon 7 This mysterious cane can create magic blocks to place on switches, as well as temporary platforms the Hero of Light can ride upon. Due to the game's currently broken state this item is not needed for normal gameplay.
Zelda ALttP item Magic Hammer.png Magic Hammer Dungeon 3 The Magic Hammer is used to pound wooden pegs and clams that can block/impede your progress.
Zelda ALttP item Lamp.png Lamp The Beginning The Lamp is used to light torches and see in the dark.
Zelda ALttP item Mushroom.png Mushroom Week 2 Take this to the Witch's Hut and she'll give you a bag of Magic Powder in return.
Zelda ALttP item Magic Powder.png Magic Powder Witch's Hut You get this in exchange for the Mushroom. Sprinkle this on enemies and they may change shape.
Zelda ALttP item Flute.png Flute The Beginning The Flute (or Ocarina) allows you to travel around the world faster. When used in a dungeon it warps you to the entrance.
Zelda ALttP item Bug-catching Net.png Bug-Catching Net The Beginning You can catch bees and fairies with this Net. You start with this.
Zelda ALttP item Bottle.png Bottle Various Bottles can hold medicines you buy or things you catch with your Net.
Zelda ALttP item Book of Mudora.png Book of Mudora Cheats Like the Magic Cape, the Book of Mudora was seemingly removed during development. It has no function but its icon fills the final space in the icon screen. The cheat to add it is 7EF35701.