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Item/Event Reward
Treasure Chest 500 points
Small Key 1,000 points
Piece of Heart 1,000 points
Dungeon Item 1,000 points
Heart Container 5,000 points
Special Item 5,000 points
Talking to the Mole 10,000 points
Saving Zelda 10,000 points (Week 1 only)
Saving the Smith 10,000 points (Week 2 only)
Saving the Priest 10,000 points (Week 3 only)
Drawing the Master Sword 5,000 points (Week 4 only)
Tablet 40,000 points*
Killing Ganon 30,000 points

The scoring system in Inishie no Sekiban is very complicated. This table is based off information in Fyxe's Week One Guide.

The score is shown on the Item Screen. While you will be attempting to gain as many items and Rupees as possible during your adventure and explore as much of Hyrule as you can, your score will give you an idea of how well you are doing. It increases with every item you collect, and every chest you open. And even if you manage to collect everything, the score will be different depending on how fast you collected each Tablet.

Not every item gives you 5000 points, merely the special items collected in the dungeons, such as the Sword or the Boomerang. Every chest opened (including the Big Chest) counts as 500 points, even if they contain Heart Pieces or other items that have points of their own.

* minus 500 points for every minute that passes (including the six minutes before play starts)