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Here are collected all the interesting things that aren't a necessary part of the main walkthrough.

Rental Shops[edit]

At the rental shops you can rent a sword upgrade or a shovel. Both only last 10 minutes before vanishing, so make sure you get your money's worth!

Rental Shops are also the only way to get the eighth Piece of Heart in each week.

Here are the locations, in order based on the first Week in which they become accessible:

  • outside the entrance to the Eastern Palace complex
  • the house to the right of the Brothers' house (where you go to get into the fence maze challenge in A Link to the Past)
  • more go here

Note that the week that a Rental Shop is first accessible determines which Piece of Heart you can dig for there. This means you can still find past weeks' buried pieces by shopping around. You'll still only have one X on your map at a time however.


Starting with Week 2, you can collect additional bottles... but only if you know where to look.

BS Zelda AST secret Bottle 2.png Starting in Week 2, the Bottle Salesman appears (literally) and will sell a bottle for the traditional 100 Rupees.
BS Zelda AST secret Bottle 3.png In Week 3 onwards, the guy under the bridge has a Bottle for you.
BS Zelda AST secret Bottle 4.png And last but not least, during Week 4 push the north-west grave open and fall down to collect the final Bottle.

½ Magic Meter upgrade[edit]

BS Zelda AST secret Mad Batter.png

Go down the Smith's Well and take the upper door. Stand right up against the strange altar and sprinkle some Magic Powder on it to make the Mad Batter appear.

Ram those trees![edit]

Just like in ALttP, trees drop wondrous goodies—if you smack into them hard enough that is! You must have the Pegasus Boots, you get them in Dungeon 1.

  • ram the tree to the left of the starting house (Week 2) to get a fairy
  • ram into the solitary tree in the bottom corner of Kakariko for a blue rupee.
  • ram the bottom right tree in the tree area between Kakariko and Hyrule Castle for a blue rupee.
  • ram the tree in the middle of the far-left Lost Woods path for lots of apples
  • ram the tree in the middle of the centre Lost Woods path for large magic vial
  • ram the tree in the middle of the Lost Woods clearing (beside the stump) for a whole HEAP of bees!
  • ram the tree diagonally above the rental shop to the right of Link's house for a fairy.
  • ram the top-right tree near Flute Boy's grotto for a bomb... a lit one!
  • ram the bottom-right tree near Flute Boy's grotto for a Fairy.
  • ram the right-side tree outside the Sanctuary to get a heap of apples
  • ram the solitary tree in the corner below the Death Mountain trail for apples
  • ram the tree to the left of the "archers' bridge" for a heap of apples

The Running Man![edit]

You can still catch the Running Man! This time around he also gives you a blue rupee! As with everything, you can repeat this trick as many times as you like.


In ALttP when you hit the Smiths with the Magic Hammer they said something like "Hey! This isn't a job for amateurs!", but in this game if you hit them 4 times on the 4th time they give you 5 rupees. You can repeat infinite times. Cool! :)

Obviously they got so sick of Link hitting them in ALttP that they decided that this time around they'd bribe the hero... now if only he'd stop hitting them! Their monetary incentive just encourages more whacking...

The Bad Ending[edit]

This game, like Majora's Mask, actually has two endings. Simply run out of time in Week 4 and you see your fainted body outside the witch's hut. An onscreen message says "Oh, how could this happen? Too bad, you've run out of time! But I guess you gave it your best."