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BS The Legend of Zelda Inishie no Sekiban Dungeon 5.png

Go through the left door. Use the Hookshot to cross the gap. Go through the door. Open the chest for a Zelda ALttP item Map.png Map, get theZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key and warp or Hookshot your way back to the entrance. Unlock the top door.

One of the pots in your way has a full magic refill, if you need it. Go down the stairs. Bomb the wall between the lamps (directly below you) for 50 Rupees and the Zelda ALttP item Compass.png Compass. Bomb the left wall for 100 rupees. Go back to the stair room and take the top-left door.

In the next room, push the indented blocks inwards (if you want 100 Rupees bomb the wall directly opposite the upper-left door). Light the torches to open the door. Go through it. Open the chest for aZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key. If you want 100 Rupees bomb the southern wall, and then the western one for another 100 Rupees. Return to the room with the torch puzzle and go through the locked northern staircase.

Kill the Wizzrobes and go west. In this room push the bottom-left block down the hole and fall down after it. Now remove the pot and put the block over the button. Go north. In this room go east. Light the torches to get the Zelda ALttP item Big Key.png Big Key. Go up the stairs.

Bomb Upgrade
From the Big Chest room go down the metal steps, then down the spiral staircase to the previous floor. Here, go down, left, down, right, unlock the door and go up the stairs. Bomb the wall, talk to the thief and get +10 bombs!

Go south, hit the sphere, go up the stairs and unlock the Big Chest for the Power Glove (if you want 415 Rupees bomb the right-hand wall). Now head west.

Make the sphere blue if it isn't already and head up. Hookshot the chest, open it for the L-3 Sword (or L-2 if you didn't visit the Smiths) and Hookshot your way back. Make the sphere red. Open the south-east chest for aZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key, and use it on the locked door. Open the chest for aZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key, make the sphere blue, and unlock the door.

Pick up the block and throw it away. Light the torches and continue north. Stock up on hearts and ammunition from the pots and then fall down the hole to fight the boss. Collect the Zelda ALttP item Heart Container.png Heart Container andBS Zelda AST item Tablet.pngTablet and you can leave the dungeon.