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BS The Legend of Zelda Inishie no Sekiban Dungeon 6.png

If you want 300 Rupees, bomb the section of the north wall directly above the entrance and light the torches. Anyway, head left. Open the chest for the Zelda ALttP item Map.png Map. Go out the door. Head south. If it's BS Zelda AST clock colon.pngBS Zelda AST clock 4.pngBS Zelda AST clock 4.png you'll see the Mole, so talk to him and he'll go dig his hole.

You could probably take three different routes through this dungeon, but this walkthrough currently only covers one of them. Go through the left cave.

Go left. Kill the antlion for aZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key. Use it and head north. Make the sphere blue by tossing a bomb at it, then light the lamps and go north. Head up and right, down the stairs, and up to the chest for the Zelda ALttP item Compass.png Compass. Lift the pot below and step on the button. This opens a door to the right, so head back up the stairs and go through it. Hookshot down to the chests (they contain Rupees) then fall down the hole for 790 Rupees! Now go outside and into the right-hand cave.

Once inside, move the top-left statue onto the top-left button. Go north. Throw the Boomerang diagonally to turn it blue, then again to turn it red. Turn it blue and head north. Head up, turn the sphere red and go through the western door.

Kill the Stalfos, lift the bottom-left pot and go through the western door. Head south and then west. Go up, up the stairs, left, down, right, down the stairs, lift the pot, hit the button, and go back up the stairs and through the now-open door to the east.

Head right and down. Head right and lift the pots for aZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key. Warp to the entrance, leave, and enter through the left-hand cave.

Go left, then up, then light the torches and bomb the sphere to make it blue, then north until you reach the blocks. Head right, down the stairs, lift the pot, use the button, back up the stairs, and to the right. Go down and then to the right, and then use the key on the door.

Head north. You're back in that room with the block barriers again. Use the button under the bottom-left pot then head north. Head down the stairs.

Head to the right and then down through the door. Make your way south and then to the left and open the chests for the Red Mail. Now go onto the other platform and head east. Immediately move upwards otherwise the eye statue will blast you. There's a door-release button under the top-right pot. Go through the door.

Open the central chest for the Zelda ALttP item Big Key.png Big Key, then go north. Open the chest for 50 Rupees. Head left. Use the Boomerang to kill the Stalfos on the platform then collect theZelda ALttP item Small Key.pngSmall Key it drops. Head left and through the locked door. Open the chest for a red Rupee then Hookshot across to the left for another. Head north and open the Big Chest for theZelda ALttP item Fire Rod.pngFire Rod. The top-left pot has a full refill for your Magic Meter. Head north. Use the Fire Rod to light the torches and go through the top-right door. The top-left pot has another full refill. When you're ready drop down the hole.

It takes only four blasts from the Fire Rod to destroy the boss (your sword works too, but the Fire Rod is safer). Collect the Zelda ALttP item Heart Container.png Heart Container andBS Zelda AST item Tablet.pngTablet and you can leave the dungeon.