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  • Neutral dpad: Use the control pad to direct your character, Indy Borgnine, in four directions. Push left or right to make Indy run in either direction, or to fall over the side of a ledge. Press up and down to make Indy climb up and down vines.
  • A button: Press the A button to lift an L block that is in front of you. Press it again when you are carrying a block to drop it in front of you.
  • B button: After you collect a magic lamp, press the B button to pass through a block. If you happen to release B while you are still inside of a block, you will die.
  • Start button: Press Start to start a new game and pause the action in the middle of a game.
  • Select button: Use this button to sacrifice one of your lives and start the stage over when you feel that you have entered into a hopeless situation, and cannot solve the puzzle in its current state.


Indiana Borgnine[edit]

Babel no Tou Indy.png

You are in control of Indiana Borgnine (or simply "Indy Borgnine"), an archaeologist and explorer who is in search of the fabled air garden of Babylon. After reading some lost scriptures, he determines that the only way to see them is to travel to the very top of the 64 story Tower of Babel. Upon reaching the Tower, he discovers that the only way to access the floors above him are to solve some challenging puzzles involving loose L shaped blocks that he finds throughout the Tower. To his great surprise, the blocks are capable of balancing very well on top of one another, in order to form staircases. You will have to help Indy figure out the way to access each and every floor in order to get him to the top. Indy can only lift so many blocks before he runs out of power. If he tries to pick up a block when he's out of strength, he will lose one life.


Babel no Tou Bat.png

Bats occupy a couple of the floors, enjoying the dark lighting. The bats in the Tower of Babel have a very simple a predictable pattern of behavior: They bounce up and down while moving to the left or to the right until they hit some obstacle, at which point they reverse direction. By carrying a block over Indy's head, it is nearly impossible for a bat to land on Indy, but it can still happen if Indy is standing in the wrong place. One touch of a Bat is lethal to Indy. Bats can be squashed by blocks, and the do not return.

Priests of Ur[edit]

Babel no Tou Ur.png

The priests of Ur have wandered the Tower since its creation. Unnatural powers have granted them immortality at a cost: they can never leave the floors that they occupy. Even if their life is taken, they are reborn in the same floor and proceed to attack all intruders. They will kill anyone that they can lay a hand on. And while they can be squashed by blocks, the power that protects them will bring them back to life at the top of their floor. They are not strong enough to lift or move blocks by themselves, which makes them very susceptible to getting trapped between them.


Babel no Tou Babelz.png

Babelz is a special kind of living rock creature that dwells within the Tower. Presumably composed of the same elements that constructed the tower, these mindless creatures roam restlessly through some of the hallways of the Tower. They slowly march back and forth and when they reach the end of a platform, they create a new L block and drop it down off the side of the platform. In this way, Babelz can be used as a source of new blocks, which are typically the key to reach the exit on the floors where they are found.


Item Description
Babel no Tou Pot.png The Pot (or Vase) will appear occasionally on each floor. If you collect it, not only will you collect an extra 100 points for each Pot when you complete the floor, you will also gain one extra point of strength.
Babel no Tou Crown.png Crowns will appear from time to time when you lift a block overhead. Collect them to earn 200 bonus points when you complete the floor as well as gain a small increase in speed.
Babel no Tou Jewel.png Jewels can be collected after you crush a number of enemies. They will make you invincible for a short period of time, during which you can crash into enemies for 1000 points each until the power wears off. You will also earn 400 bonus points for each Jewel when the floor is complete.
Babel no Tou Lamp.png Lamps can be very difficult to collect. They only appear when chains of blocks are made to fall down, and when they do, they often appear in very inconvenient or out of the way locations. If you collect it, you will be given the ability to use B button to pass through blocks, and you will earn 1000 bonus points at the end of the floor.
Babel no Tou Crystal.gif Some floor exits are not open right away when you start out. Instead, a mask will cover the entrance, and you will be required to collect one or more crystal balls in order to escape. Once every ball is collected, the mask will disappear, and you may proceed to the exit.
Babel no Tou Star.gif If you manage to juggle a Priest of Ur several times on top of a block that you're holding, a shooting star may appear. If you manage to collect it, Indy's speed will increase substantially.